Heart Breaker

Harry Styles is known for getting the girl, then getting bored of her and breaking her heart. But will it change when he meets Sam? Read to find out...


8. Silent Treatment

Sams POV


I woke up at 10:00 in the morning to Harry bringing me breakfast. I grabbed the orange juice off of the platter and poured it on his head then pushed him out of the door. This, is gonna be hard.

I got dressed in an outfit that all of the boys stare at me in. Harry mostly. I did my makeup and walked downstairs and I sat by Perrie. Harry and the other wouldn't stop staring at me and Perrie. Perrie wore an outfit that Zayn slobbers over. She's ignoring him for girl power. Then things got really hard. Today is Sunday. 


Monday- flowers and chocolates

Tuesday- serenade

Wednesday- romantic gesture

Thursday- trying to make me jealous

Friday- romantic dinner suprise with the help of Louis. That one made Eleanore angry so, she joined the group.

Saturday- practically begging for me to take him back.

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