Heart Breaker

Harry Styles is known for getting the girl, then getting bored of her and breaking her heart. But will it change when he meets Sam? Read to find out...


6. Lunch

Harry's POV 

 I held out my hand and she shyly grabbed it. I led her out back into an old tree house where I had Eleanore set up a small picnic. I helped her up the ladder and she smiled at everything. She turned to me and gave me a great big hug. I hugged her right back. She seemed scared still. She pulled back with the same smile on her face. I looked at her with a serious face. What'd wrong?" I asked. "We'll uh.. Your my first boyfriend and I'm a little scared. That's all. She smiled with shakey lips. "Hey..." I sat her down on the blanket with my hand in her back. "I know that's not all that's wrong...you can tell me.." I said calmly she took a deep breath. I don't wanna be like your others." I looked at her a little mad. "Here we go again.." She glared at me. "WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!?!" She stood up. I stood up and said, "IT MEANS THAT I DON'T THINK YOUR LIKE THOSE OTHERS!!" I yelled she stepped back. "I BET YOU SAY THAT TO ALL THE OTHER GIRLS YOU'VE DATED!" "YEAH SO? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THAT?"i screamed. "YOU DON'T GET HOW MUCH OF A JERK YOU SOUND LIKE RIGHT NOW DO YOU?!? YA KNOW WHAT? THIS WAS THE WORST ADVICE MY HEART HAS EVER GIVEN ME!" She climbed down the ladder and ran inside. Then I realized how much of a jerk I did sound like. I ran after her.


Sams POV 


I ran inside and saw the other 1D girls sitting at the table. Perrie looked at me concerned. "Sam?!?! What's wrong?!?" She asked. They all got up and followed me to my room. I closed the door after they were all in and I broke down crying. Perrie came over and hugged me. I sat on the floor and Perrie was still hugging me. "Sam, tell us what's bothering you babe!" Eleanore asked. So I told them everything by then I stopped crying. But then I started again after I told them about today.

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