Heart Breaker

Harry Styles is known for getting the girl, then getting bored of her and breaking her heart. But will it change when he meets Sam? Read to find out...


7. Girl Talk

Sams POV


"oh love, were so sorry..." Eleanore started. Then Harry walked in. "Uh girls? I need to talk to Kitty." I got up. "No! I'm talking. You are a stupid bitch. I want nothing to do with you. I knew I would be like those other girls. I just knew it.....Go....Please...Just Go..." "Kitty...I...." "GO HARRY!" He was in tears and it was hard to tell him all of that. He ran out of the room and into the boys' room. I shut the door and locked it this time. Then I balled my eyes out. The girls handed me tissues and pep talked me. We made a deal. We were ignoring Harry. If he tried to talk to us, we would turn our heads and walk away. "Bring it in." I said and we hugged.

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