Dreams Can Come True

Jordyn is your average 16 year old. Every night she has the same dream, she meets the person that every 16 year old would want to meet, Harry Styles. One dress, One song, One word, made all her dreams come true.

*this is my first fanc-fiction based on my own dreams :). i hope you like it!!


6. xox The Date pt. 2

Harry's P.O.V

Oh crud. I'm going to lose. She is so serious about this and if this doesn't work out as planned, I will be very sad..... I just want to feel her fingertips on mine and her seductive eyes on mine slowly moving closer.......

"HARRY!" she yelled. Crud. I'm screwed.

"Sorry what, i was just thinking about how scared your going to be when we watch Paranormal Activity"

"I am not scared at all. There is only one movie I'm scared of and I'm not telling you."

"Okay, whats the movie again?" i asked trying to be sneaky

"Insidious. Wait.... Goddammit!" she said punching me in the arm

It was our turn in line.

Two for 'Insidious' please" i said with a smile on my face. She looked like shes was about to cry.

"Here you go, cash or credit?" the clerk asks.

" Um, never mind can we try Paranormal Activity'?" I asked. Her face brightened up immediately. That made me smile. As we walked in to the theater though, i regretted changing that ticket.

"I'm in the drama club you know" She told me with a devious smile. Great.

Jordyn's P.O.V.

I felt bad for lying but I can't run around all day saying I love Harry Styles! We got into the theater. I forgot my drink out there.

"I'll be right back okay, just forgot my drink." Bad Idea

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