Dreams Can Come True

Jordyn is your average 16 year old. Every night she has the same dream, she meets the person that every 16 year old would want to meet, Harry Styles. One dress, One song, One word, made all her dreams come true.

*this is my first fanc-fiction based on my own dreams :). i hope you like it!!


5. xox The Date pt. 1

Harry's P.O.V

I was going to take her to the movies. We could see one of the most romantic movies we could find. this was going to be perfect.

"Well, we'll be out. Make sure you guys don't destroy anything. Louis..." I said giving him the stink eye.

"Dang it!" he said sadly.

"Okay. Jordyn, are you ready??" i said looking thoughtfully.

"Yes, just let me go get my keys." she said. I was about to say okay before i realized we weren't going in the same car.

"It's okay, I'll drive" i tried

"Well, then what will i do with my car?" she asked.

"Have Maliyah drive it to your house" i tried again

"Okay then. I'll be right back" she said looking more beautiful than ever. I need to make her mine.


Jordyn's P.O.V

While we on the car ride Harry said he wanted to get to know me better.

"Well, I'm from Seattle, I'm 17 years old, I was born on 11/11/96, I'm mostly American, but i have British, Irish, French, African and Dutch. My Favorite color is pink and my favorite member of One Direction is Louis. But you are my favorite. Don't tell him. *laughs*"

I explained lots of things, but now, it's time for him.

" Well, I'm from...."

"I know Worcestershire."

"How much do you know about me?"

"Alot..... some things I wish i didn't." i sighed

Harry's P.O.V

Oh noo... I think i know what she means. That shit has been around forever. I don't now why and how those rumors started. I have not done any of that . I need to clear that up right now....

"Listen, those... things are not true. I'm not like that" she didn't seem convinced.

"Okay, well i want to tell you something then.... I'm Christian and i can't... do it with anyone until marriage. If that isn't okay, i will gladly get out of the car." she said with a sad look in her eyes.

" I understand completely. I'm not like that." she seemed convinced.


Jordyn's P.O.V.

What type of movie are we seeing? i asked

"Well I was wanting to see a horror but......." he said

" But what!" i said

"Well, it's just that some of the horror movies are scary, and i don't think you can handle it." Oh no he didn't.

"I can watch any movie i want."

"Fine, let's make a deal. If you can watch the scariest movie here with out becoming scared at all, you have to walk around for the rest of the day saying 'I'm in love with Harry Styles'" he said

"And if i win, you have to dance with every step for the rest of the day looking like a complete psychopath for the rest of the week." i said. It was so on.



*Authors Note

So, what do you think will happen next? It's an all out battle of the sexes. Team Jordyn or Team Harry?

leave your opinion in the comment box.


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