Dreams Can Come True

Jordyn is your average 16 year old. Every night she has the same dream, she meets the person that every 16 year old would want to meet, Harry Styles. One dress, One song, One word, made all her dreams come true.

*this is my first fanc-fiction based on my own dreams :). i hope you like it!!


23. Im sorry, What???

Jordyn's P.O.V.

"I'm sorry, what?" I said.

"You+Me= Siblings. Simple math." He said all smart allecky.(???)

" So wait a minute, that means, I had sex with my brother! I, HAD SEX, WITH MY BROTHER!! Yup. I am officially fucked up. One second." i excused myself. I ran to the bathroom and puked my guts out.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was talking to El when i heard Jordyn screaming. I ran to the bathroom and found Jo and Lou. Jordyn was puking.

" Are you okay princess?" I asked while holding her hair out of her face and rubbing circles in her back. She shook her head and continued to puke. After another minute of puking, she stood up and was holding her stomach.

"  Whats wrong sweetcheeks?" Eleanor asked. Jo pointed to Lou.

"What did you do to her??" I asked.

"He didnt do anything." she said

" Then why-" I was quickly cut off.

" We're siblings."  Louis said. El and i sat in shock.



Sorry for the sucky chapter. but, I wantz youz jokez. sorry, but i had to. I want to try an imagineas soon as this book is ova. YAY

lots of love



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