Dreams Can Come True

Jordyn is your average 16 year old. Every night she has the same dream, she meets the person that every 16 year old would want to meet, Harry Styles. One dress, One song, One word, made all her dreams come true.

*this is my first fanc-fiction based on my own dreams :). i hope you like it!!


22. Birthday Party Barf

*2 weeks l8er

Harry's POV

"Are all of the decorations set up?" I asked Lou. Today was Jordyn's 18th birthday and it was her leap to adulthood. I guess.

"Yup. We just need to bring ou the food.'' he said. Right now, El and Jordyn were going shopping or do.

Eleanors P.O.V.

It's Jordyns birthday and all of the boys were throqing a huge party. I mean huge. Jordyn and i are at my and Louis playing dress up. If the chef dont judge. Neither should you. ( To you Americans ;) ) " How does this look?" Jo said. She had on a pink strapless dress that wen down to mid cals and poofed out at the bottom. It was lacy at the bottom and had a black belt. She was wearing pink 4 in high heeled shoes. "Damn! Im I thought i was the model." I said. She laughed. My phone beeped indicating that i got a text.

Were ready! Bring comfy clothes and party clothes! - HazzaBear

"Hey lets get changed and head to the park!" she noded. I quickly snuck the dress and heels into my car. Thank goodness what she was wearing were comfurtable. A lahf an hour later, we arrived at the venue.

"Um El, I thought we were going to the park." she asked i didnt reply and we went inside. Everything was pitch black

Jordyns P.O.V.

I walked into the mysterouis place and it was pitch black. Then all of a sudden, strobe lights and spotlight were turned on, and about 20 people yelled SUPRISE! I almost had a heart attack God Damnit! Harry appeared from the crowd holding Pink roses. He walked up to me and handed me the roses." Happy Birthday Princess." He said. I got up on my tippy toes and planted a big kiss on his lips. FWI if your wondering why i was on my toes, its because im on 5'6. Harry is 5'10. But the peices together. "I have suprise for you." he said. Just then, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson came out of the crowd.

"No.Fucking.Way." I said. I was speechless.

"Happy Birthday Jordyn," Jennifer said.

" T-Thank y-you. You my idol! If i wasnt singing, I wanted to be an actor, just like you!!" I said. She hugged me.Jennifer Lawrence just hugged me!! Second best day of my life. First being Harry asking me to be his girlfriend. Then Josh spoke up.

"Happy Birthday Jordyn! You look great." He said eyeing me. I felt Harry tense up. I squeezed his hand and he relaxed.

"WHERE'S THE FOOOOOOOOOOD!?!" I yelled. Niall came over and gave me a high 5. Harry picked me up bridal style and took me to the food. I landed in some kind of food heaven or something because that food looks so damn good. Therewas everthing from Shrimp to Carrots. Then, A huge spelling of my name was printed out in carrots. " Who's idea was that?" i said amazed. "MEEEE!!" Lou yelled. I jumped into his arms and said thank you. Harry got up and announced it was time for lazer tag. STFU.  I ran to the red side and picked up a gun and armor. I was with El, Gemma ( Harry's sister), Liam and Niall. On the blue team was Harry, Louis, Dani Perrie and Zayn. We went in and went to  our sides. As crazy as i am, I loaded up and ran to the other side screaming like a maniac and shot everyone. i did a cartwheel and a front handspring ont the way back. I rolled onto my side and gave everyone a high five. I went up into tower and saw Zayn approaching. He saw a mirror and was magically droawn to it. I shot him while he was fixing his hair, causing him to flinch. He ruined his hair. He yelled and ran back to his base. 15 minutes later we saw the score. We won cause we were so damn awesome. I high fived the rest of my team and went back into the main hall. It had changed. Now everything was formal. I sighed.

"Whats wrong princess?" Harry asked.

"Everyones in their formal attire except me." I pouted.

" Not true!" El yelled. She handed me the dress and shoes i was wearing earlyer.

"Thanks babe." I said with a smile."No prob darling now go get changed!" I nodded and quickly changed. I saw something else changed again. The whole room was only lit by candels and there were rose petals on the floor. I smiled and went to find Harry. He was in a very hot tux. Hehe. All of the boys and girls were on stage.

" This ones for you Jordyn!" yelled Niall

They all started singing little things. Harry and i slow danced. A spotlight was on us. I layed my head on his chest and we danced to the music. They finished the song. We all migled for a while.Then, A lady came up to me.

" Hi Im Louis mom, Johanna." she said with a smile on her face.

" Hello. Glad you could make it!" she started to stare at me for a while "Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Sure. Just one second. LOUIS!!" she called. Louis came over and stood by me. " Oh, My. Um Louis can i talk to you. Nice, um seeing you again Jordyn.'' Seeing me again. What the hell does that mean? "You too Ms Tomlinson." I said. After about 3 more hours, everyone had goe home except El and Lou who were staying at our place.When we had arrived home, Louis pulled me to the side.

"Jordyn i need to talk to you. NOW." He said. i nodded and followed him into my room. "There's no easy way to say this o im just gonna say it. Im your brother." WHY THE HELL AM I ALWAYS THE LAST ONE TO KNOW ABOUT THINGS!! I MEAN SERIOUSLY!!










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