Dreams Can Come True

Jordyn is your average 16 year old. Every night she has the same dream, she meets the person that every 16 year old would want to meet, Harry Styles. One dress, One song, One word, made all her dreams come true.

*this is my first fanc-fiction based on my own dreams :). i hope you like it!!


4. After the Show

                                                                     Harry's P.O.V

I walked into the dressing rooms a little cheerier than often.

"Why so happy mate?" asks Louis

"You know that girl,Jordyn, i asked her out on a date and she said yes!" I said excitedly

"Okay but if you do anything stupid, I will hurt you. She is a beautiful and talented young women." added Niall.

"Hey I wonder if she has a friend. *cough* *cough* Niall." said Liam.

"She does, but i saw the friend and she is sooo not Niall's type" I said. There was knocking at the door.

"I got it" said Zayn.

Then walked in Jordyn. Her in the light showed off her beautiful and natural blond highlights in her brown hair. She was breathtaking. And her beautiful hazel eyes. I think I'm in love.

Jordyn's P.O.V

I walked into the dressing room and immediately felt all eyes on me. I glanced over to see Harry staring deeply into my eyes. I quickly turned to the floor and blushed.

"Mates this is Jordyn." hes said proudly showing me off.

"Whoa." said Louis. I saw him lip something to Harry. I blushed again.

"Harry, this is my friend Maliyah." I said pointing to Maliyah who was talking to Zayn. He seemed a little annoyed.

"Okay I'm going to the washroom to freshen up, you wait here 'kay?" he said. i just nodded. Then came the question flying at me. first from Liam asking how old i was.

"It's my senior year. I'm turning 18 in November."

Then, Niall asked my sign. Boys.

"I am a Scorpio."

Louis asked who my favorite in One Direction was.

"Hard to say. I love you all, but if i had to pick, it would be you" i said batting my eyelashes. He jumped up and down in his seat like a four year old. Everyone was on the floor laughing because when Harry came back and asked if i was ready Louis stepped in front of him and yelled SHE'S MINE!!! so loud Harry jumped and landed in the the trash can.

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