My Guardian Angel a Niall Horan Love Story

Hazel is a normal girl. Her family died when she was little she grew up with her best friend until she moved away. Now she has been raped two or three times and has an abusive boyfriend. She is ready to take her life. But something happens which changes that decision quickly.


4. Ummm.. (Niall)

"W-who are you?" Hazel asks.

"Ummm... Im Niall Horan.. Your guardian angel." I say and watch a look of confusion cover her face. "Guardian angel? I thought those were just myths that we believed in as we grew up.." She says. She seems less scared of me now so i take a step forward "No Hazel, we are very much real. We know when your in trouble so we protect you.. You weren't supposed to be able to see me." She looks even more confused now "Then why can I see you?" She asks. "I honestly have no idea.. I didn't make myself visible so you shouldn't see me." I say.

We sit there talking for about an hour and soon her boyfriend is waking up. "We need to go now!" I say grabbing her hand and pulling her out the door. Now let's hope this jerk never comes back.


Hi guys! Sorry i haven't updated in so long! This is probably very bad and im sorry! Ive had writers block but this was my first idea :) so I hope you like it!!

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