My Guardian Angel a Niall Horan Love Story

Hazel is a normal girl. Her family died when she was little she grew up with her best friend until she moved away. Now she has been raped two or three times and has an abusive boyfriend. She is ready to take her life. But something happens which changes that decision quickly.


2. New Assignment

I've been a guardian angel since I was around fifteen. I go from person to person making sure they are safe. i just got finished with an assignment and as soon as I got back to the angel's headquarters I was given another assignment.

Hazel Kate Jackson


This girl is abused and has been raped three tumes. Her boyfriend Justin is planning on raping her again as well as many other men that see her at clubs. Her boyfriend is very abusive and everytime she tries to leave it gets worse. She is a sweet innocent girl who needs protection and care. You may protect this girl for however long you feel is needed wheather it be a few months to a year to forever. She needs help and your the one to give it to her. Good luck Niall.


So she was raped and is abused.... This girl seems so.. vulnerable... that's what I'm for. I'm going to help her. If it's the last thing I do.

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