My Guardian Angel a Niall Horan Love Story

Hazel is a normal girl. Her family died when she was little she grew up with her best friend until she moved away. Now she has been raped two or three times and has an abusive boyfriend. She is ready to take her life. But something happens which changes that decision quickly.


1. Hazel Kate Jackson

Hi! I'm Hazel Kate Jackson! All of my family died when I was younger but I was taken in by my best friend's family. Once we both moved out we lost touch. It's been a few years but I'm planning to meet up with her again soon. I've had a rough past. I've been raped three times. And I'm abused by my boyfriend, Justin. I want to leave him but if I do then he will hurt me more. So I just deal with it. Somtimes I just want to leave. Get away from everything but... Everything has a purpose. So I guess I will just go on and see what happens.

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