My Guardian Angel a Niall Horan Love Story

Hazel is a normal girl. Her family died when she was little she grew up with her best friend until she moved away. Now she has been raped two or three times and has an abusive boyfriend. She is ready to take her life. But something happens which changes that decision quickly.


3. Accidental (Hazel and Niall)

I walk into my house that i share with my boyfriend to see him passed out drunk on the couch. I slam the door hard enough to wake him up. "Hazel your late!!" He yells at me as i roll my eyes walking past him "I'm an adult i can get home when i want." I say looking at him. Considering he is drunk this makes him angry "YOUR MY GIRLFRIEND AND I TOLD U TO BE HOME EARLIER." He yells backing me into a corner. I saw his fist raising up then a bright flash of light and he was on the ground with a white figure over him. The boy is cute, with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body. He was fit.


She wasnt supposed to see me. She was only supposed to be able to see me if I made myself visable to her! I look at her and she is standing there with fear evident on her face . Well i guess i better explain.

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