All About Us

My name is Ally Taylor and this is my story, our story. This is the story of how i met my soul mate, how we found each other.

Ally Taylor was you average fifteen year old until her dreams came true. She always liked other teenage boys but there was only one for her. Justin. Yep you got it Justin Bieber. Although she had never met him, Ally was convinced they were meant to be together. She watched every interview and every video. Her dream was to be him one less lonely girl. One day she made a promise to herself, she wouldn't get involved with anyone until the day she met Justin Bieber. Their is her story, their story,


3. One Less Lonely Girl

Before I knew it, Allison had grabbed my hand and took me onstage and sat me down in the big chair as Justin was singing One Less Lonely Girl.

"Im gonna put you first, I'll Show you whatcha worth. If you let me inside of your world, they'll be one less lonely girl." Those were the best two minutes of my life. Justin gave me flowers and a crown. Gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. Serenaded me. That woudl be such an awesmoe job, getting paid to make people happy. All I konw is that i am never washing my face again. 

Once the song was over Allison took us to the pit and let us watch from there for the rest of the concert. She said that since it was y friends birthday they would let us hang out a bit after the concert just to make her day special. 


(Justin's POV)

I had never seen somebody act like this before. Usually girls are either laughing or grinning obnoxiously or they are bursting into tears. Ive never seen the OLLG act like this. She wasn't grinning or crying she was just sitting, looking not crazy, but calm and genuinely happy. That was the moment that i knew she was different.


It was after the concert and we didn't know what to do. they told us we could hang out after but we didnt know where to go. We didnt know where we were. We were still in the pit of the stadium. Suddenly we see a person with a full head of hair coming towards us and I imediately knew who it was. It was Dan Kanter!

"Hey what are you girls still doing here? Weren't you guys invited to stay after? Come on follow me I'll show you where everyone else is at." Dan walked us down some more hallways near the meet and greet area. he then led us into a room where we got to see all of team Bieber. There was everyone ranging from Justin to the dancers. I've been wanting to meet everyone of these people for so long I can't believe it's actually happening. 

"Hey it's Erica an... wait let me think.... Ally right? And you were the birthday girl," he said as he pointed towards Erica," and you were the One Less Lonely Girl."

"No i just went out and bought a replica crown and flowers," I said jokingly.

"Well hey since you guys are here how about i show you two around," he offered.

"That woudl be amazing," I quickly replied. First we get meet and greet tickets then we both get surprises and now Justin Bieber is showing us the behind the scenes of his tour? I didn't have any idea what i did to deserve that but all i can say is that I was extremely grateful.

"Hey mom. Mom. Mother. Pattie Mallete!?"

"Justin what are you screaming about?" Pattie said as she entered the room. Pattie Mallete, studio mama, was standing right in front of me. I don't know how I stood there without passing out.

"I was just going to introduce you to my fans. This is Erica and this is Ally. They were the two we brought up on stage. Remember the birthday and the OLLG (One Less Lonely Girl). Yeah well imma go show the the tour. Later," he said as he turned his back and started walking the other direction.

"Oh my Gosh i love your nails," i hear Pattie yell at Erica from behind us. 

"Thanks i could show you how to do them if you'd like."

"That woudl be awesome. Wow Justin she's polit ean dshe has goood nails. You picked good fans tonight," she says as i see Erica start to blush. Erica then decided to stay with Pattie and the rest of the crew as she talked to Pattie about her fingernails.



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