All About Us

My name is Ally Taylor and this is my story, our story. This is the story of how i met my soul mate, how we found each other.

Ally Taylor was you average fifteen year old until her dreams came true. She always liked other teenage boys but there was only one for her. Justin. Yep you got it Justin Bieber. Although she had never met him, Ally was convinced they were meant to be together. She watched every interview and every video. Her dream was to be him one less lonely girl. One day she made a promise to herself, she wouldn't get involved with anyone until the day she met Justin Bieber. Their is her story, their story,


2. BIrthdya Wishes

"Hey hows everybody doing," Justin screamed from onstage. It was a good thing they had super loud speakers otherwise there would be no way we could have heard Him from this far away. We are almost through here but first let em ask you a question, Who wants to be my baby?" I had seen him ask that question so many times on television performances and YouTube videos. I was hoping her would ask that question. 

Caught up in his dance moves and his angelic voice i hardly noticed the person approaching us. I felt somebody tap on my shoulder and assuming it was Erica i turned around without a thought in my mind. Little did i know it was not Erica. The first person i see was Allison. Allison Kaye! My favorite person on team Bieber along with Dan Kanter. Well besides Justin of course. I was almost more excited to see her than i was when we saw Scooter.

"Would you like to be the One Less Lonely girl?" she asked as if it was no big deal. The One Less Lonely Girl!?!?!?!?!?!? I dreamed of that moment ever since i knew it existed.

"Me?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes you," she said with a smile.

"I would love to, but what about my friend, can she come with me?"

"Don't worry we have a surprise for her too," she said as she winked at us. She then told us to follow her and we did promptly as we were told. She leads us down numerous cases of stars and long twisted hallways. Suddenly the music got significantly louder and then is stopped. He had come to the end of the song and now he was talking to the ten thousand people in the stands. 

"Well as some of my Beliebers might know, today is someone special's birthday. Everyone give it up for Dan Kanter. Now if you guys truly love me, you know about the Dan Kanter song. Today I'm going to teach it to you a little differntly. When you guys know the words sing it with me and later we will bring out my man Dan Kanter. Ready? Dan Kanter, We wrote this birthday song for you. We hope you like it. We really do."  He repeated the song approximately five times before he stopped singing.

"Okay Beliebers i think your ready. Now he has no idea so her in a second im going to bring out Dan Kanter and when i dsing you sing. You ready? Oh here he is. Dan Kanter we wrote this birthday song for you. We hope you like it. We really do." After messing around with Dan fro a few minutes, Justin started talking about something else but what we weren't sure of because we couldn't hear him too clearly from under the stage. 

"Okay girls it's about to get extremely loud so we would appreciate it if you would put these on to protect your ears," Allison said politely as she handed us noise blocking headphones. As soon as Erica and i put them on the sound went completely away. We could no longer hear Justin onstage but we could see him. Litle did we know that the noise was not loud at all. Team Bieber was planning a birthday surprise with the audience for Erica. The next thing we knew they were removing our headphones and were leadinfg erica onstage. 

"Okay everybody this is my new friend erica and today is her 15th birthday. Lets make it a day she will never forget, you ready? All righthere we go. Then the whole stadium and Justin were singing happy birthday to Erica. I had never seen her look so happy."Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday we love you. Happy Birthday to you." She was instantly in tears. I had never seen her so happy. 

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