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My name is Ally Taylor and this is my story, our story. This is the story of how i met my soul mate, how we found each other.

Ally Taylor was you average fifteen year old until her dreams came true. She always liked other teenage boys but there was only one for her. Justin. Yep you got it Justin Bieber. Although she had never met him, Ally was convinced they were meant to be together. She watched every interview and every video. Her dream was to be him one less lonely girl. One day she made a promise to herself, she wouldn't get involved with anyone until the day she met Justin Bieber. Their is her story, their story,


1. Best day of my life

If there's one thing I've learned throughout this entire experience, it's that life works in unexpected ways. Through its ways it creates life's stories, my story, our story.

My brother and I neve had it all, we only had what we needed each other. Our parents never have not will they ever spend much time with us. In our house cleanliness and work ethic come first. Happiness and fun are low priorities. But one day I was sent an angel and my life was turnedaround. My name is Ally, Ally Taylor and this is my story, our story.


My parents never payed much attention to thhappiness of me or my brother, however if it was something we really wanted they would put their lives aside for at most a day to make it happen. If my parents hadn't taken this time my dream would have never come true.

I may be a layed back type of girl, but it doesn't mean I don't still have normal teenage problems, like crazy obsessions. I just happen to be a belieber. It's what gives me happiness in life. Most people don't understand the connection between fans in a family like this, but it's what makes us special.

My story, our story, started on November 11 2009. Several months earlier my parents had won tickets to the upcoming Justin Bieber concert in November. I had waited six months for this. I had been in love with mr. Bieber since I first saw his Stratford Star videos on YouTube. I have been obsessed ever since. I love everything about him ranging from his hair to his voice.

On November 11 momma took my friend Erica and myself to the concert. This day was more special for Erica than it was for me. Although she didnt care for Justin or his music as much as much as i did, it was still her birthday and she still enjoyed spending it with me, her best friend.  We lucked out and had bad seats so when we walked in with our tickets the security guard checked them and called for somebody on his radio. Next thing I know Scooter Braun  shows up and says that we have meet and greet tickets. I flipped out. I couldn't stop rambling and the smile never my face. My mom said that she had never seen me this crazy. This is the awesome thing about team Bieber, they don't care so much about the money, they care about the Belieber's happiness. 

So we make our way toward the meet and greet and as we make our way to the front of the line I see Kenny, Justin's body guard. Once again my emotions flip out of control and I am not able to control myself. But hey who cares I was about to meet Justin bieber right???

We make it to the front of the line and I couldn't believe I had on my red bracelet and I was about to meet bieber, the bit if my dreams. We walked into the meet and greet room and there was no one there. Where's Justin??? I thought. Erica and I looked around and we didn't see anybody. Is this a joke??? Are we like being punked??? I thought.

Erica and I then made our way across the lol towards the exit, convince this was a set up, then I felt something run up behind me. I screamed at the top of my lungs spun around. I was silent. As soon as I saw his smile and his hair I was speechless. I had been talking all day and suddenly it was as if I had runout if words to say.

"Are you okay??? Sorry if I scared you...." He said as a smile creeped onto his face.

"Yes I'm okay. But let me just say that if anyone else had scared me they would have gotten a slap in the face," I replied. I could feel myself grinning uncontrollably like an idiot.

"Ok so as you know I'm Justin... And you are????" I couldn't help but stare at his gorgeous brown eyes...

"Excuse me?" His perfect hair...

"Hello?!" His adorable smile...

"Is she okay," Justin impatiently asked Erica.

"Don't act like you've never seen this before. It's your classic case of Bieber Fever. You of all people should know. But just in case she doesn't speak that's Ally and I'm Erica." I had finally snapped out of it as she was introducing us. I don't know what I would do I I didn't have Erica. She has saved me every time I have even attempted to talk to a cute boy, let a lone a celebrity

"Oh, well it snice to meet both of you. Are you guys here for any special reason, or is it simply because you love me," he said with his innocent smile on his face. He was just so adorable the way he said it that there was no way any normal teenage girl couldn't just melt.  

"Well she's here mainly because she loves you, but I'm here with her because its my birthday," Erica quickly said.

"Oh, well do you guys want a picture?" Justin asked in his squeaky 15 year old voice. It didn't matter how old he sounded, that voice mixed with that laugh made the voice of an angel.

"That would be awesome," it felt so strange to talk to him as if he were another typical teenager," Erica... You can't wear a One Direction shirt in a picture with Justin Bieber." You see Erica is a directioner and I'm a belieber. So we kinda clash on some things... but it's only cus she jealous because she knows that Beliebers are better than Directioners. The photographer snapped one photo before making a complaint.

"Justin I'm sure these girls don't want you acting crazy in their picture," the photographer said in an irritated tone.

"What if i don't want to act serious," Justin quickly replied. It was so like him to quickly come uo with a smart comment. Believe me i would know, i know everything about this boy. not just facts but how to read his face in a way that allows me to tell how he's feeling. Sometimes there's and advantage to watching every interview with Justin Bieber ever created. This was how i could tell he didnt really care, but was just trying to push the photographers buttons, and boy was it working. 

"Justin. Please just cooperate. We have more people waiting outside," the protgraoher said impatiently.

"Actually we are the last two in ien for the meet and greet," Erica quickly stated. Sometimes her loiud mouth and her eagerness annoy me but this time i was thankful for her big mouth. 

"Great, that means we have time for more pictures," Justin said with an eager tone to his voice. it was comforting to know that he didnt mind taking pictures with us. Erica and i each took and individual picture with Justin and the we took several differnt grooup pictures. Some of them were silly, others were serious. Justi looked as if he was having as much fun as we were. That was by far already the happiest day of my life and we hadn't even heard him sing yet.

"Listen where are you lovely ladies sitting," Justin sweetly asked. this made me love him even more. At this point i knew i was in love It was as simple as that. I knew it wasn't serious love, nust fangirl love, but hey a girl can dream right? Whiel i was busy staring into his gorgeous hair, Erica had answered for me and told him exactly where our seats were.

"Well unfortunately i think we gave out all of our extra tickets, but let me tell you what, I can make sure that this will be a day that neither of you will ever forget," he said as a sly smile appeared on his face. What does he have planned???  I though to myself. Knowing Justin it could have been anything.


As we approached our seats there was only one thought that went through my head. I have never seen so many teenagers in my life. There were people everywhere, behind me, in front of me, next to me, and every other place the could have been. The stadium was full, there was no wonder they didn't have any extra seats.  

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