Everything Has Changed

I'm not the girl you knew. I've changed and you need to accept that. I'm sorry Liam but Everything Has Changed.


3. Talk

Zayn pulled away and opened the door and grabbed my hand leading me out. We walked into the dining room. There were two seats. One next to Liam and one on the other side. Zayn stole the other one. I sat down next to Liam. Tension in the room was so thick you could taste it. 

"I'm really sorry Vi I never meant it in that way." He whispered. 

"Piss off." I said flatly. My mum looked at me. 

"Vi manners." She scolded. I frowned. I slouched in my chair not touching the food. Zayn sent me a look telling me to eat I shook me head. We had an intense stare down. Liam placed a plate in front of me. I pushed it away. 

"Viv why won't you eat?" Liam asked. 

"Cause I made it, there fore I know what's in it." I replied. Louis laughed. I learned their names quickly. I gave him a smile. 

"Vivienne Grace Payne eat your food." My mother ordered. She clearly was pissed at me. I stood my ground. She told me to eat. I ignored her. 

"I'm not fucking hungry." I spat. My mother apologized to the boys for my behavior she said that I wasn't normally like that.  I stood up angry. "Piss off I can bloody apologize myself, I'm not fucking five. Either way I'm not in the fucking wrong. Why are you all of a sudden on his side. He left us on our own Mum. Didn't even contact us. He is the stupid bastard!" I yelled. She was fuming. 

"I will have you know that my son did contact me. We exchanged emails and skypeing sessions along with phone calls. Do not give me that attitude." She said. I froze. Tears filled my eyes. I slowly turned around. Liam's face was filled with sadness and regret. Before he could stop me I whipped off his hoodie not wanting anything to do with him near me. I bolted out the door. 

"VI!" He called. I made it onto the front yard when he grabbed my waist. I screamed and kicked and cried. He grabbed my wrists and pulled them across my chest. 

"LET ME GO!" I screamed. 

"No. I won't let you go again Vi." He said. I eventually gave up and collapsed on the ground crying my eyes out . I saw a few people from my school walk by. 

"Ew look there is that stupid fat slut." One boy said. 

"I can't believe Brandon slept with that ugly whore." Another said.

"I heard she gave him herpes." A girls said. 

"I heard she cuts." Another one said. 

"Maybe she should try harder and die." A boy said. I looked up to see Zayn walking over absolutely pissed off. The girls squealed. I knew that this was going to be bad. 

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