Everything Has Changed

I'm not the girl you knew. I've changed and you need to accept that. I'm sorry Liam but Everything Has Changed.


4. Never Again

"The fuck did you just say?" He yelled. The boys laughed. 

"Chill man." One said. 

"No. That's my fucking girlfriend. Leave her the fuck alone you asshole." Zayn spat. The girls were shocked. 

"Yo don't fuck her I hear she has slept with half the school who knows what she has." One boy said. Zayn snapped. Zayn hit him square in the nose. After about 15 minutes the kids from school left. I looked at Zayn who was bleeding out of his forehead and nose. I slipped out of Liam's arms and walked up to Zayn. I lightly touched his face and he winced. I grabbed his hand and led him inside. I told him to sit in the bathroom. I walked out to get the first aid kits. 

"We still have to talk." Liam said. 

"There is nothing to talk about." I replied. I grabbed the kit from his hands and went into the bathroom. He was about to come in when I shut the door in his face. 

"You should talk to him..." Zayn said. I glared at him. He shrugged his shoulders. 

"I was going to forgive him for earlier but that. No. Never. He had the chance. To call and text. Or anything and he didn't. So he can screw himself." I said. I quietly cleaned his cuts. By then his nose had stopped bleeding. He hopped off the counter. 

"Thanks love. And Vi.... The boys and I are leaving tomorrow back on tour. I just wanted to say, Liam was going to ask you but your not talking to him so I will. Will you come with us?" He asked. My jaw dropped. I was shocked. 


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