Everything Has Changed

I'm not the girl you knew. I've changed and you need to accept that. I'm sorry Liam but Everything Has Changed.


2. I have feelings ya know

A knock came to my door. "Go away." I yelled. The knock came again. "PISS OFF LIAM! I DON'T EVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN! I HATE YOU!" I shrieked. He left for 6 months with no contact with me or mum. Mum was hurt but I was worse. He was my big brother my rock. And he left then he thinks he has the right to waltz in and say that. 

"It's not Liam..." A voice said from behind the door. I stood up and put sweats on. I opened the door and a boy about Liam's age stood in front of me. He had jet black hair pushed into  a quiff. He bright golden eyes bore into my pale green ones. He had a perfect face. "Although I think you just shattered his heart... not that he doesn't deserve it." He said then quickly defended himself. I chuckled. 

"Zayn by the way." He said stepping in. 

"Vivienne but call me Vi." I said. He still kept staring at me. I shifted. He shut the door. He brought me into a hug. The sudden contact made me start to cry. He comforted me. 

"Vi, Liam didn't mean that you were fat. You are perfect. In every way. You are absolutely beautiful and don't let anyone tell you different. And when you were dancing and raping it was sexy as fuck. He knew we all wanted you right then and there that's why he got pissed. Not at you but us. Vi you are so gorgeous and if I hear anyone say you are ugly or fat, I will personally deck them in the face." He said. I giggled at the last part. I hugged him again. 

"Zayn, it's just he never asks me what I think. I didn't even know what time you were coming over and he is just so insensitive some days. He promised that he would call or text at least once a week which he doesn't and then all of a sudden he shows up telling me to cover up. He hasn't talked to me in 6 months then he talks to me like he is disgusted. It hurt, like I have feelings ya know?" I said he held me a few moments later. We were in complete silence. 

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