Misplaced Heart

After going through a rough relationship, Annie promises herself to never fall in love again. She's got a full life anyways. She's captain of the swim team, she works at Panera, and she is always with her best friend, Paige. But after Annie meets Niall, she doesn't know what to do. Will she trust him and fall in love again? Or will she talk herself out of being hurt again? Its all because of her Misplaced Heart.


1. Responsibilities

     Annie nearly got attacked as her teammates came to congratulate her on beating her swim record. She was surprised on what she did, considering that halfway through, water got into her goggles and she couldn't see a thing. 

     After people got off of her, she went into the locker room to change. She had too go to work at Panera right after swim practice. When she got dressed in her t-shirt and jeans, her chlorine-damaged blonde hair still soaking wet, Coach Spitz stopped her. 

     "Hey Annie, I know you have to get to work but I need to talk to you for about a minute. Is that ok?"

"Um- yeah thats fine." Annie replied, nervously. Was she getting kicked off the team? Of course not! She just broke not only her record, but everybody else's on the team...

     "How would you feel if I made you team captain?" asked Coach Spitz, with a big smile on her face. 

     Annie had never been offered to be a captain or a leader of anything! She didn't what to say. She just had an awkward staring session with Coach. "Im guessing thats a yes! I'll see you at practice on Wednesday!" she said, exiting into the parking lot. Annie wasn't sure if she had time to be team captain. She would have to go to meetings and discuss changes with the team, she would have to help people if they needed help, and stuff she really didn't care about. But on the other hand, she wanted to prove something to someone. And by someone, she meant the only person in her life that cared to listen to her- her best friend, Paige. All of a sudden, she was excited to be team captain. She smiled to herself as she walked out the door. 

      When Annie got into her white Camry, she put her Little Mix CD in and started listening to 'Change Your Life' . 

     As she started to back out of the parking lot, she thought she saw her ex-boyfriend, Ben. Was that him? No, it couldn't be- not after...

     She stared more and more at the back of his head from her car window. She was almost positive that it was him. "Ben?!?" she couldn't stop herself from saying. She was scared of what he might do. He had changed since they first met. 

     The guy slowly turned around and revealed his face. It wasn't Ben. It was Nate, her swim team member. "Oh, sorry Nate. I thought you were someone else." said Annie, embarrassingly. As she backed out, the bruise on her cheek started to swell, as it brought back horrific memories from her past, including Ben. 

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