Running From the Past

When Elizabeth lost everything, she went to live with her grandmother in London, England. But little did Elizabeth know that her grandmother lived next to the famous band, One Direction. Will she be able to outrun her past and open up? Or will her past tragedy hold her back?


5. Chapter 5 - Shock

I stepped away from the chattering boys and I could feel their stares on my back as I answered the call. "Hello?...Yes ma'am, that's me...She what? Why? When? Is she alright?...Y-Yes ma'am...I'll be there as soon as I can...Thank you." I hung up and stared at the wall accross from me, trying to process what had just happened. I couldn't believe it. 

"Izzy?" I felt Louis's hand on my shoulder but I couldn't move. I was frozen. I'd forgotten how to move, how to breathe. This couldn't be happening. "Izzy, what's wrong? Talk to me?" He was keeping his voice low, clearly wanting to keep me calm and keep this conversation between the two of us. When I still didn't respond he moved in front of me, placed his hands on the sides of my face, and croutched so he was directily in my line of sight. "What's going on? Please, if you don't tell me, I can't help."

I finally pulled my gaze away from the wall and locked eyes with his. They were so blue, so calming. But they had little flecs of green in them as well. I'd never noticed that before. It was cute. I shook my head, pulling myself out of my current state and took a shaky breath. "C-can someone take me to the hospital? One of the guards or something?"

"I'll take you." He stood up and moved one hand to my shoulder, gently leading me. 

"I don't want you to have to leave work." He already wasn't happy with me. How would he react if I took him away while he was in the middle of recording. This was important; this was his life. Besides, there were plenty of other people in the building that coudl drive me. 

He stopped and turned to face me, expression boarderline hurt. "You don't want me to take you?"

"I don't want you to miss anything important." I droppedmy gaze to the floor, uncomfortable under his stare. 

"Boys," his eyes never left mine, "can we take a break? Start up again tomorrow? Something's come up."

"Sure thing, Lou." I never really heard Zayn speak that much, but at this moment, I was never more grateful for his words.

"There, it's settled. Are you ready?" He didn't move an inch until I gave my consent, and only once I started moving did he follow. 

The car ride was silent, yet another small mercy. I wasn't in the mood to carry a conversation, and I didn't want to explain anything to him right now. It was all too fresh. Besides, he'd hear it all when the nurses explained the situation to me.

I wasn't aware we stopped until Louis was waving a hand in front of my face. Somehow, he'd parked, gotten out of the car, opened my door, placed a hand on my shoulder, and probably called my name, all without me noticing. "Izzy? You with me?"

I looked to him and nodded, still in some sort of daze.

"Are you going to be okay?" He ducked his head so he was again in my line of sight, making sure I realized just how worried he really was. Why was he? We'd only known each other a couple months, and I'd only seen him maybe a dozen times within that time frame. 

"M-maybe." I shook my head and took a deep breath. "Come on." I gestured my head in the direction of the hospital and began walking, Louis only a step or two behind me. 

When we stepped through the doors to the hospital, I instantly froze. I couldn't do this. I couldn't be here again. All the negative memories came rushing back and I turned around, ready to bolt. Only Louis's arm around my waist kept me in place. "Elizabeth, what's going on?"

"I can't-" My hand moved to my chest, trying to regain oxygen. "I can't breathe." 

I guess he could hear the panic in my voice because his arm went from restraining me to supporting me as he lead me back outside and sat me down on the sidewalk. I pulled my knees up to my chest and placed my head on them, wrapping my arms around my head. Louis sat next to me and rubbed circles in my back, waiting. 

It took a good ten to fifteen minutes for my breathing to even out and for the panic to subside. I let my arms fall to my sides, suddenly exhausted. Louis just pulled me to him, rubbing my arm, comforting me. I rubbed my hands down my face, then stood, holding a hand out to Louis to help him up. He accepted it, expression guarded. I released his hand when he was on his feet and headed back towards the hospital.

"Woah..." He moved so he was blocking my path, hands outstretched. "Are you sure you want to go back in there?"

"I have to Louis. It's my Gran."

"I know that. But can you? Can you make it?" I knew what he was referring to. What I didn't know was the answer to his question.

"I have to." I side-stepped him, but he blocked my path again. 

"Just promise me one thing?" I looked at him, waiting. "Just don't push yourself too far, yeah?"

I nodded, then moved around him and back into the hospital. Walking up the the desk, I could feel my hands shaking profusely and prayed to God that I wouldn't have to sign anything. After a quick inquiry about the state of my grandmother, a nurse who was up to date on the situation was called over. She lead us to a more private area of the hospital to explain to us that my grandma had had a serious fall. She'd slipped down the stairs and right into the door at the bottom of the steps, hitting her head in the process. She had yet to wake up and it was unclear whether or not she would. I nodded my thanks and repeated the motion when she told us the room number Grandma was in.

From the moment we walked through teh sliding glass doors of the hospital the second time, Louis had kept his hand on the small of my back. His support was much appreciated and I wouldn't have been able to make it through the speech without it. He gave me a look that asked if I wanted to go see her and I nodded. 

We entered the room and Louis kept his hand on my back. My hands moved to cover my mouth. She looked so peaceful on the bed, but the bruises forming on her skin were sickening. And the beeps and whirring of the machines were all too familiar. I couldn't do it. I thought I could, but I couldn't. I backed up and away from the sight, turning and hiding my face against his chest, my hands coving my ears, tryin to block everything out.

His arms encircled me and he rubbed his hadn up and down m back before gently leading me out of the room, closing the door behind us. Louis stopped in front of me and pulled my hands away from my ears, his hands on my wrists. He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead and pulled me in for another hug. 

When he pulled away, he took my hand and lead my back through the white maze I hadn't even thought to pay attention to. Luckily, he knew exactly where he was going and we were back in the car within a few minutes.

If I'd been thinking clearly, I might have had the precense of mind to be embarrassed when he had to place me in the seat and buckle me in. I just stared blankly ahead, willing it all to be a dream. Louis closed the passenger's side door, then moved around to the driver's side. After buckling himself in, we took off. He was driving a few miles under the speed limit so as to keep an eye on me and not to spook me, but honestly, it wouldln't have mattered. It wasn't like I was going anywhere. 

It took a good twenty to thirty minutes to return to our neighborhood, but he didn't take me back to my gran's house. Instead, he took me back to his place. 

He again had to basically treat me as a ragdoll, unbuckling me, taking me out of my seat, and leading me back into the house. I nearly tripped over the doorframe but he caught my elbow and continued to lead me like that: on hand holding my elbown, one hand on my back. 

Louis lead me to the living room and seated me on the couch, left, then returned with a mug of hot chocolate. He had to wrap my hands around it to get me to hold it. All the while, I continued to stare straight ahead. 

"Liam," he called, panic starting to rise in his voice. 

Hearing his tone, Liam quickly decended the stairs. "What's wrong, mate?"

"She's been like this since we left the record studio." His eyes remained fixed on mine, one hand on my shoulder, the other on my knee, kneeling to my right. 

Liam moved to the other side of me, his hand moving to my forehead. He pulled it away and exchanged a glance with Louis, then moved to look at my eyes. After exchanging an increasingly nervous glance, he checked my pulse. He stood quickly and instructed Louis to lay me down, which he promply did after removing the mug from my hand and setting it aside. Liam then placed a couple blankets over me and pulled Louis to the side, speaking in hushed tones.

"She's gone into shock. I'm surprised she could even function."


Liam nodded, placing a hand on Louis's shoulder. "She'll be fine, just watch her and make sure she stays warm, yeah? And get her to drink loads of water. I don't recall her drinking much at the studio, which is probably a good guess as to what brought this on."

Then it was Louis's turn to nod. Liam patted his shoulder and moved away, taking the mug of untouched hot cocoa with him. He returned and handed Louis a bottle of water. "Let her rest first, then get her to drink." Louis again nodded and Liam retreated back upstairs. 

"Come on Izzy..." Louis sat on the couch by me, placing my feet on his lap. He rested his hands on my leg and watched me with sad eyes, just waiting for a response. "Come back to me."

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