Running From the Past

When Elizabeth lost everything, she went to live with her grandmother in London, England. But little did Elizabeth know that her grandmother lived next to the famous band, One Direction. Will she be able to outrun her past and open up? Or will her past tragedy hold her back?


4. Chapter 4 - What Did I Say?

2 Months Later

"Elizabeth? Are you up," my grandma hollered up the stairs.

"Coming," I shouted back.

"I rolled out of bed, threw on my robe, grabbed my phone, and came downstairs, throwing my hair into a bun on my way down. 

"Yeah, Grandma?" What could she possibly want at, I checked my phone, 6 AM?!? 

"Louis's here to see you." She winked at me and walked into the kitchen, giving us privacy.

"Louis?" I poked my head out my door with a confused expression, not entirely sure I heard her correctly. I'd hung out with Louis and the guys a few times since I'd moved in with Gran, but not enough for casual pop ins. "Why?"

Grandma shrugged and informed me that she had no idea why he was here. "I guess you'll just have to ask him yourself. Now go get dressed!" She laughed as I rolled my eyes and retreated back into my room. 

I grabbed a pair of jeans, a white tank top, and a loose brown shirt, hopped around as I slid my sandals on and slipped in a pair of earings. 

After I was dressed, I threw my hair up into a quick french braid, put on a couple swipes of mascara, and slid my shades onto my head, closing my bedroom door as I left. 

I walked down the steps, expecting to hear the guys over as well, after all, Louis rarely came alone. He kept saying that I should become more comfortable with the other guys, but he also knew that I could never be casual if I was alone with them without him. I didn't know why I'd grown so close to him in particular, but I had. The other boys? Not as much. 

"Hey Louis," I yawned.

He chuckled slightly at my bleary-eyed state and threw his arm around my shoulders. "You ready to go?"

"Where are we going?" I fixed him with a confused expression. He never really asked me if I was ready to go, he just kind of assumed and we'd head over to the boys' flat.

"Recording studio."

"Huh?" I stopped just short of the door. The guys were cool and all, but I hadn't gone out in public with them since the shopping trip. And they'd told me how unusual it was that I wasn't spotted with them. I was thankful for that. For all intents and purposes, I was the new girl in town. I didn't want tabloids spinning something out of nothing or digging into my past. I shuddered at the thought.

"You alright, Love?"

"Of course." I put on a cheerful smile and willed him not to see how terrified I was. "Louis?" He looked at me expectantly, waiting for the rest of my questioning. "Why are we going to the recording studio?"

"The lads and I have to work on some new tracks and we wanted an outside opinion. Promise to be honest?"


"What?" He seemed genuinely surprised that I'd said no. "Why not?"

"I'm not the super star here, Louis. You guys are. You guys know what's going on, not me. I don't know what sounds good and what doesn't. Besides, just because I might not like something, doesn't mean hundreds of other girls won't. And I'm not about to tell multi-millionares that I don't approve. No way." I shook my head, reitterating my refusal.

"Ok, that's sound reasoning I suppose. Shall we?" He held the door open for me and gestured me through. I rolled my eyes at the chivalry and walked crossed the threshold, pausing in the driveway to wait for him. 

It only took a few minutes to walk over to the boys' house and I was glad of it. Louis hadn't said a word since his response to my no and I was finding the silence a little awkward.

When we reached the house he again held the door open for me. I nodded my thanks and entered, stopping in the foyer. I wasn't sure how long we'd be staying and I still wasn't overly comfortable at their place. 

Louis didn't seem to notice or care that I had stopped and strolled into the house, calling for the boys. He then moved into the kitchen and brewed himself a cup of tea as he waited. I still just stood where I was. 

It wasn't long before all five of the boys emerged simultaneously. It was like they all had a sixth sense, or synchronized inner clocks. Whatever it was, it was a tad bit weird. But also endearing. They were all so close, like brothers. I loved when they were together, they always smiled and joked around. 

Just then, the doorbell rang. Harry moved towards it, flashing me a slight smile as he passed me. "Hey Paul," he greeted. 

"You boys ready?" he asked. 

"Sure thing," replied Niall. 

The five of them filed out the door, following Paul. Liam paused and turned to me. "Aren't you coming." I shrugged and followed. I wasn't entirely sure if I was still welcome after the cold shoulder I had been receiving from Louis, but I figured it would be too awkward to back out now.

I was in the back seat, seated between Niall and Liam. They were sweet and if I had to be stuck between any two of these boys, it would be them. They were pretty respectful about the fact that I was in the middle, but every now and then they'd lean accross me or gesture, forcing me to lean back. They'd always laugh and apologize and I would shrug and give them a small smile to let them know that I hadn't taken offense. I honestly wasn't really in the mood to talk; I just wanted to know why Louis was so mad that I didn't want to critique him. What was so wrong with that? At least I was honest with him. 

We were at the studio for almost eight hours and the boys still weren't done. They were amazing and I loved their music. Some of it wasn't really my favorite or my taste, but it was good nonetheless. Nobody really said much to me, they were too busy working. When they weren't practicing or recording, they were talking to each other. I was excluded from the group, presumably because they unconciously picked up on Louis's vibes. It didn't really bother me much thoough. I was always the quite kid in school and I didn't have many friends. I was just happy to be along for the ride. 

Until my phone rang. 

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