Running From the Past

When Elizabeth lost everything, she went to live with her grandmother in London, England. But little did Elizabeth know that her grandmother lived next to the famous band, One Direction. Will she be able to outrun her past and open up? Or will her past tragedy hold her back?


3. Chapter 3 - Shopping

"Elizabeth? Izzy, wake up please." I felt a gentle hand on my shoulder. I knew it was probably Louis, he was the only one who called me Izzy. 

I opened my eyes and sat up, looking around. All the guys were sitting on the couch, watching some movie I didn't know and using their phones. "How long was I out?"

"Only about a half an hour," Louis replied. 

"So now what? What movie is this?" I looked at the screen, I didn't recognize the film.

"Um, I think it's one of the 007 movies, but I'm not quite sure. So," he sat back on his haunches and put his hands on his knees, "what would you like to do today?"

"I have no idea. I've never been to Europe. But I do need to be back by one, Grandma is taking me shopping." I looked down. I still didn't want her spending all her money on me, but she had insisted. 

"Shopping? We can take you to do that!"

"Oh no! My grandmother has my money." She really didn't, she was using her own, but.  I didn't really feel the need to tell them I was broke.

"Oh no, we'll pay for-"

"No," I half shouted. "No, that's alright. I don't need anyone to pay for me."

"Izzy," he ruffled my hair, "I want to. I have plenty of money, my job pays well."

"What job do you have?" I guess I could let him buy one or two things for me, just to get him to shut up. I'd let my grandmother buy me the rest of my wardrobe though. There was no way they were paying for that many clothes. I didn't need a whole ton, just enough to get me buy, but it was too much to have someone I just met buy. 

"Oh, the boys and I work in the music industry."

I nodded. That sounded like a fun job. Better than working fast food like I did back in America. "And you get paid a lot?"

"Loads," one of the other boys chimed in. I looked over to see who it was and saw that it was Liam. He had gone over and turned off the movie, and was now picking up a few things in the living room. 

I laughed. "Honestly though, it's fine. You don't need to pay for anything for me."

"Izzy, I saw your closet. You have barely anything. And it looks like your grandmother bought it all for you." He fingered the clothes I was wearing and comically shuddered. "I really hope this isn't your taste in clothing."

"Hey, I like this outfit. But no, I didn't pick it out."

"So it's settled. I need to educate you in style. I'll just run over and tell your Gran, and then we'll be off." Louis stood up, grabbed his phone, and headed out the front door. 

The boys gradually pocketed their phones, stood up, stretched, yawned, etc. and all headed off to their rooms to go get dressed. I sat on the couch politely and waited for them to return. 

Harry was the first one down. He came and flopped on the couch next to me. He looked at my stance and chuckled. "You act like you're debating whether or not to take off, love."

I shook my head. "No, just being polite."

"Just relax. Nobody's going to bite." I turned back and looked at him. He raised his eyebrows, inviting me lay back. I lounged on the side, half facing him. "So, what do you like to do for fun, Elizabeth?"

"Um," I took a minute to think about it. "I like to read and write, I like to watch movies, but I absolutely love to dance." I let a small smile grace my features as I remembered all my different dance classes. I took tap, jazz, hip hop, classical, and almost any other modern dance class, but my ultimate favorite was ballet and ballroom. 

"You're pretty when you smile."

I snapped out of my reverie and looked at him. "Pardon?"

"You're pretty when you smile. You haven't smiled since you've been over here."

"Oh, um, thanks." I blushed and looked down.

"Haz, are you harassing her?" I looked up to see Niall descending the stairs. 

"No," Harry defended. 

"He's not, he was just asking me what I like to do."

"And what would that be?" Zayn came down just after Niall, then Liam. 


"You'll have to show us some moves sometime," Liam said as he came over. "Should we get in the car?"

"What about Louis?"

"I was thinking we'd just leave him." Zayn shrugged like it was a viable option.

I sat up straighter, a little panicked. Louis was the only one I knew. "What? Why? No!" 

"Relax, Elizabeth." Harry put a hand on my upper arm. "Zayn was just joking. We'll pick him up on the way."

Just then, the front door opened and Louis walked in. "Pick who up?"

"You. You take forever, Lou," Niall whined. 

"Sorry, I started chatting with Gran. She's awesome. You guys need to meet her sometime." Louis smiled slightly, as if he knew some little secret he wasn't letting on. 

"You haven't met her yet?" All the boys shook their heads. I just nodded. "I guess I just assumed you had since you all live so close to her."

"Oh no, we don't all live in the same house," Liam corrected. "We all live a few streets away, but I'm pretty sure someone would be dead by now if we all lived in the same house." He chuckled slightly. 

"I didn't mean to," Louis shouted, his voice cracking on purpose. "It was Zayn's fault!" He pointed an accusing finger at Zayn. 

"Was not," Zayn defended. "You stole my hair products!" 

"You didn't need to jump me!"

"I didn't jump you! Besides, even if I had, you asked for it."

"Guys," Liam said, stepping in between them. He seemed like the more responsible one. "It was nobody's fault. Nobody died. We're all fine. You're scaring the new girl. Can we go now?"

"Oh c'mon, Liam. They were entertaining," Harry laughed. Liam rolled his eyes as Harry stood up and offered me a hand. I took it as I stood up, then faced Louis. 

"Ready, love," he asked. I nodded. "Let's go," he said as all the guys headed out the front door, locked it, and then hoped into an orange Volkswagen van. I raised my eyebrow but remained silent. Louis looked back at me and took in my expression. "What? The company gave it to us."

"I didn't say anything," I shrugged. 

Louis gave me a fake glare. "Get in..." He rolled his eyes and smiled. 

I laughed and climbed into the back seat with Zayn. Niall and Harry sat in the middle, with Liam in front. Louis was driving. 

I leaned over to Zayn and whispered, "Is it safe for a toddler to be driving?"

Zayn threw his head back and laughed. "Nope. But we let him anyways, otherwise he'll throw a fit."

I could picture it... I laughed too. 

"What's so funny," Harry inquired. 

Zayn and I looked at each other. "Nothing," we both said in unison.

"Mhm..." Harry didn't sound convinced. 

"We're here," Louis screeched. I winced at the high pitch, causing Zayn to laugh at me. 

I climbed out of the van after them as they all put on sunglasses, shoved their hands in their pockets, and looked down. Harry and Louis even put on a beanie. 

"What's going on?" Why were they all acting so weird? 

"Nothing, we just don't want to get noticed. Some people just recognize us from our job, is all," Harry explained. 

"Oh, that makes sense. So, now what?"

"You don't shop much do you?" Niall fixed me with a look. I shrugged an apology. "We probably shouldn't all stick together, or we'll definitely get noticed, and I need a new snap-back. Do we want to split up and meet back in about an hour?"

Louis walked over to me, looked me up and down, linked arms with me, and said, "Make it two. She needs work."

"Hey!" All the boys laughed.

"Where do we want to meet," Liam asked. Man, he really was the responsible and sensible one.

"Um... how about the," Harry began.

"FOOD COURT," Niall interrupted. We all laughed and agreed to meet back at the food court around 1, seeing as it was already 11. With that, we were all off in separate directions. 

Louis dragged me into store after store, but I refused to buy anything. Finally, he dragged me to the side of another store and said, "Elizabeth, what's wrong? Why won't you buy anything?"

"I don't want to." I shrugged.

"No, you don't want me to."

"Same difference."

"Nope. Okay, if I show you something, you have to promise not to freak out. Okay?" I was confused. What could be so big that I'd freak out?

Louis took my hand and pulled me through the mall until we got to a certain store. He lead me into the store, then turned me around by my shoulders and pointed at a poster. It was of all the boys. The poster said One Direction. Wait, I'd heard that name before. On the radio in the car! Wait, they were famous?

I turned around and took the shades off his eyes. "Louis, you're...?"

"He nodded," looking down. He looked ashamed. But why?

"Cool!" I smiled at him.

"Wait, so you're not mad that we didn't tell you?"

"No. I'm a little shocked, and star struck, but I'm not mad. It's your secret, not mine." I shrugged. 

His face lit up and and he pulled me into a hug. I stood there shocked, but then hugged him back. "Thanks Izzy!"

"Sure. Um, Lou, can't breathe."

"Sorry!" He released me quickly and held me at arms length. "Now, let's go buy you some clothes." 

"Louis..." Louis rolled his eyes, pulled out his wallet, and showed me the wad of cash he had. "Holy crap," I shouted. 

He quickly put his hand over my mouth. "Shhh! Don't draw attention." He put the shades back on. 

"Louis, no." I took the shades off his face. "Look around." He did as he was told. "Do you see anybody else wearing shades. He shook his head. "Exactly. Just act normal. Gosh!" Louis laughed and through his arm around me, steering me towards another shop. 

"Let's pick some things out for you. And don't you dare complain or refuse." I rolled my eyes and shook my head, but complied. 

Louis and I finished shopping, each holding a load of bags. He'd just kept buying and buying and buying. I had more clothes than I did back in America! He'd even bought me a phone and a laptop. I had told him no, but he said it would be much easier to call than coming over and kidnapping me everyday. And we could Skype when he wasn't home. He knew he was my only friend, so he was making an effort to try and keep in touch with me. Even though I'd only met him yesterday.

We made our way back to the food court, Louis talking the whole way there. I eventually stopped listening and just looked around. One window drew my attention and I stopped at it. It was so beautiful...


"What?" I turned back to see Louis was a short ways in front of me. "Yeah?"

"Whatcha looking at?" He walked over to me and looked at the object that had caught my attention. He looked back at me while I just kept staring at the gorgeous ballet slippers. "You want them?"

"What? No. No, I was just looking. C'mon, we're gonna be late. We were supposed to meet up with the guys five minutes ago." I started pulling on his arm, back in the direction we were going, but he wouldn't budge.

Instead, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the store. "You're being difficult again. Go." He shooed me in the direction of the slippers, indicating that I needed to go pick out a pair. I rolled my eyes.

It took a couple of minutes to find the right pair, but I finally did. 

The shoes were a golden pink, and fit my feet perfectly. Louis looked at me, then told me, "The only way I'm buying those for you is if you show me a little bit later."

I laughed and nodded, holding the slippers as if they were fine china. 

Louis paid for the shoes and we headed back to the food court. We looked around, but we couldn't see the boys. We both ordered a bit of food and sat down at one of the nearby tables, waiting. 

The boys finally showed up 10 minutes later. Louis leaned over and said, "I told you we wouldn't be late. So what took you boys so long?"

"We were recognized."

"The shades," I whispered to Louis. He nodded, concurring with me. 

"Well, we should probably get going. Ready guys?"

We all nodded and climbed into the car, heading home. All in all, I'd had a good time, and now I had a better wardrobe. These guys were pretty cool. They were my only friends. 

Hope you guys like this! I know it's really long! Comments? What'd y'all think?

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