Running From the Past

When Elizabeth lost everything, she went to live with her grandmother in London, England. But little did Elizabeth know that her grandmother lived next to the famous band, One Direction. Will she be able to outrun her past and open up? Or will her past tragedy hold her back?


2. Chapter 2 - Meeting the Guys

I sat up in bed and swung my legs over the side as I gripped my comforter to me. I looked down and realized what color it was: red. The color of fire, of blood. I pushed the blanket away from me and stood up quickly, gasping. I tried to breath but the air wouldn't fill my lungs. I fell to my hands and knees, trying to get any air at all. I started shaking and tears streamed down my face. I could hear my grandmother calling my name but I couldn't respond. 

I heard footsteps climbing the stairs, heard the door close. It wasn't my grandmother, the footsteps were too heavy for her frail form.

Soon there was knocking on my door, accompanied with, "Elizabeth? Are you up?" I was still unable to respond. "Elizabeth? I'm coming in." 

I tried to say no, but couldn't. Louis opened the door and slipped in. As soon as he saw me on the floor he rushed to my side.

"Elizabeth," he shouted, "what's wrong?" He shook me slightly when I didn't lift my face up from my lap. "Elizabeth?" He started rubbing small circles on my back. 

I calmed down after a few minutes, but didn't move. Partially because I needed to recover, but partially because I was too embarrassed to face him. 

"Elizabeth?" Louis's voice was calmer this time, more caring than afraid. 

"I'm fine," I said as I stood up and wiped my tears away. "I'll be ready in just a minute." I rushed off to my bathroom before he could respond. 

As I flipped on my bathroom light, I was suddenly overwhelmed. It was huge! Everything just looked so indiscriably perfect. If this was what my bathroom looked like, I didn't want to go anywhere near the master bathroom. I walked over to a door at the far left side and opened it, turning on the light. The closest was almost just as big. There were a few tops, pants, shoes, and such in the closet, all about my size, all with the tags still on them. 

I walked over to the pants and shirts and selected a navy blue skirt, a white short-sleeved shirt, a pair of brown flats, and a brown belt. 

Once I was dressed, I went back into my bathroom and pulled my hair into a ponytail. Louis was leaning in the doorframe, but I wouldn't meet his face in the mirror. I silently got ready for the day, neither of us saying anything.

I finallly turned back to face him, not meeting his gaze. "Ready."

Louis shook himself out of his dazed, took a small hop, and announced we were off. I said goodbye to my grandmother and followed Louis out the door. 

The pair of us walked four about 5 minutes before he turned and walked up a drive way. He held the door open for me and I stopped short. I had no idea what to expect. Were his friends over? Would we be alone? What was going to happen? How awkward was this going to be? Before a single one of my questions could be answered, a boy screamed, "Louis! Get in here already! I made food!"

Louis rolled his eyes, chuckled, gently grabbed my hand, and pulled me inside. "Harry, I'm coming. I brought the girl I was telling you about," he yelled back.

"Well bring her in then, Lou, we wanna meet her," another voice said. 

I walked behind Louis, essentially using his form to hide my smaller one. I peeked out from behind his shoulder to see four different guys. Three were gathered around a table eating and one was over by the stove in a "Kiss the Chef" apron, his brown curls comming out of a chef's hat. I giggled slightly, then hid behind Louis again, realizing it was rude to laugh at him. 

"Come on love, we won't bite," a new voice said. I peeked out again to see a boy with a buz cut grinning stupidly at me. I sheepishly smiled back. "My name's Liam," he said, extending his hand. 

"Elizabeth," I replied, shaking it. 

"These guys are Zayn, Niall, and Harry," he said, pointing to each of the boys in turn. I smiled and waved at each of them in turn. I realized how tightly I was gripping Louis's hand and released it as quickly as if it had burned me. 

"Sorry," I say as he chuckles and throws his arm around my shoulders. 

"So boys, what on earth are we going to do with little Izzy," Louis said, squeazing my shoulders gently.

"Why don't we get to know her," Zayn offered.

"Are you okay with that, Izzy," Louis asked. I shrugged.

"You don't talk much do you?" Niall gave me a quizzical look, causing me to back up slightly. I probably would have bolted out the front door, but Louis was keeping me in place. I didn't want friends. I didn't want to get to know anyone, or vise versa. I was here to get away, calm down. And this morning was not a good start for me. I'd had a couple of panic attacks before, but not in front of anybody. I had hoped that moving to England would help that. 

Louis picked up on my nerves and hesitation. "Don't worry love, Niall is about as dangerous as a baby penguin." I giggled. "Though he sure doesn't eat like one," he said, chuckling as he watched Niall stuff half a pancake in his mouth. "We'll be on the couch, boys. Come over when you're done." The boys all nodded agreement.

"Wait," Harry called out, "has she eaten yet?"

"Nope," Louis said at the same time I said, "I'm not hungry."

"But you have to be! You have to try my pancakes," Harry whined. 

"No thank you. I'm honestly not hungry."

"Lou, she doesn't look to good," Zayn said. "She looks sorta ill."

Louis fixed me with a looked I couldn't catagorize. "You're right," he agreed after a few seconds. "Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm fine. Just tired. I didn't get much sleep last night."

"I told you you shouldn't have gone over so early, Lou," Liam chastized.

"Sorry," Louis said to me. 

"It's fine. Do you mind if I lie down though, just until they're done eating?"

"Of course! Do you need anything? A glass of water? A pillow? A blanket?"

I laughed slighty at his state of panic. "No, I honestly am fine. But thank you for the offer." I laid my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. 

I'm so tired and it's so late. I'm sorry this chapter is so late. And so lame. I'll try and get into it more later. Lemme know what you think?

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