Teen Life Guide

'The articals written for teens, by teens.'
From best friends to zits, we'll talk about it all.! In this little book we'll talk about all things teenage and if u want a special section put in, just leave it in the comments section! At the moment we're a bit under staffed, so we ( I ) need you to join us and get writing!


1. Best friends


Best friends, we all need them. They lend us their notes when we fall asleep in class, we can tell them our secrets and darkest fears, our hopes and dream for the future. Best friends are hard to find, especially true best friends.


True best friends are a rare occurance but when they do happen, they're very special. True best friends are often people you least expect, maybe it's that girl who acts like your her worst enenmy? The extremley friendly girl who keeps trying to talk to you? Some-times if you just talk to them, you'll find a new friend (or even a best friend!) because you have something in common.


Best friends are a nesesity, they help make us who we are and define how we act at the best and worst of times. They allow us to be who we really are and help us to shrug off the second skin that we develope.That friendly girl in your class could help you take off your brave face and let the air into your real personality.


My best friend is amazing! And your best friend probably is aswell, if they've done alot for you latley, give them a card to say thanks. To make it even more special, make it yourself! Stick a goofy photo of the pair of you on the front or cover it in pictures of their favourite boyband. What ever you do, just make sure your best friend knows you appreciate them.

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