We Found Love

A normal girl named Amber goes to a party with her friends. She never planned to fall in love with the school jock Zayn Malik.


5. Worst/ best dinner ever

Ambers P.O.V

We finally got to Hosses. As soon as we got seated we went straight over to the salad bar. "What are you guys getting on your salad?" I asked while grabbing a plate. "I don't know yet." Emily said while grabbing a plate. "Yah I really don't know yet either." Hailey said while grabbing a plate. As soon as I was about to say something I seen the people I least wanted to see. "Hey what's wrong Amber?" Emily asks while trying to see what I was looking at. "Its Zayn and his friends." I growled. "Oh, well this sucks." Hailey said while trying to make sure Louis didn't see her.

Zayns P.O.V

While we walked into Hosses I seen Amber and her friends. "Hey guys look its Amber and her friends." I say while following the waiter to our table. "Really, where I don't see them?' Louis says while trying to find them. "Why do you want to find them?" Harry asks while walking over to the salad bar. "The reason why is because Louis asked Hailey out to dinner." I say in a teasing voice. "Its not funny." Louis said. "Don't forget that I can tell Amber that you like her." Louis said with a smirk on his face. "Ok, fine I will stop.

Louis's  P.O.V

Once we got closer to them they kept walking away. "Hailey, wait you still need to answer me." I said while going after her. "About what?" Hailey asked. "Remember about going out to dinner with me sometime." I said while dragging her over to a private spot. "Louis where are you taking me?"  Hailey asked while looking back at Amber and Emily. "I'm taking you to an area where we can talk alone." I said.

"Will you please go out to dinner with me sometime?" I asked while holding her face in my hands. "Fine Louis I will." Hailey said while smiling. After she said that I started to kiss her passionately.  After we parted we both smiled at each other. "That was amazing." Hailey said before going back to her table.

Hailey's P.O.V

"Hey where were you?" Emily asked. "I was talking to a friend." I said while smiling a little. "Wait were you talking to a boy?" Amber asked while nudging me a bit. "Yeah I was." I said while blushing. "Well what was his name." Amber asked while eating more of her salad. "Don't be mad when I tell you." I said. "Why would I get mad?" Amber asked while looking at me confused. "I was talking to Louis." I said while looking down.

Zayns P.O.V

While we were sitting at the table I just kept staring at Amber. She was way to beautiful. "What are you staring at?" Harry asked while poking me. "I think he is staring at Amber." Niall said while smirking. Alright you caught me." I said with a smile on my face. "Dude why don't you ask her out already?" Louis asked. "Did you forget that she hates our guts?" I asked. "Oh yeah I did forget that." Louis said.





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