We Found Love

A normal girl named Amber goes to a party with her friends. She never planned to fall in love with the school jock Zayn Malik.


11. the plan

Harrys P.O.V After I stormed out of Ambers house I got straight into my car and drove off. After about 15 minutes I got back home. Once I got inside I started to dial Louis. "Hey Harry." Louis said. "Louis get to the house right now and bring Liam and Niall." I say while running up stairs to grab some paper and pencils. "Ok be right there." Louis asked before hanging up. ~20 minutes later~ Louis P.O.V Once Liam, Niall, and I made It into the house Harry pulled us into the living room. "Harry not so rough." Niall says. "Oh sorry." Harry says while letting go of us. "Harry what do you need us for?" I ask while looking around at the paper Harry has laying down on the table. "We are going to make a plan so Zayn and Amber break up." Harry says while handing us pencils. "Why would you want them to break up Harry?" Liam asked. "So I can go out with Amber." Harry says while bringing us over to the paper. Liams P.O.V While we were writing down plans I felt my phone ring. I took my phone out and it was Zayn. "Who is calling?" Harry asks while looking at my phone. "Don't answer it." Harry says before pressing ignore. "Is any one done writing a plan?" Harry asks while going back down to his plan. "I'm done." Louis says while handing Harry his plan. While Harry was reading it I seen I got a text from Zayn. To Liam: Hey Liam I am going to live with Amber for now on because I don't want to see Harry ever again. To Zayn: Why what happened between you and Harry? To Liam: I don't want to talk about that so bye. To Zayn: Ok bye. After I got done texting Zayn Harry was done reading the plan Harry wrote. "Louis we are going to use this." Harry said while giving Louis a hug. "I will show the rest of you tomorrow and then the following day we will start the plan." Harry said while heading upstairs.
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