We Found Love

A normal girl named Amber goes to a party with her friends. She never planned to fall in love with the school jock Zayn Malik.


7. Party time

Zayns P.O.V

When I woke up I smelled food. "Good morning sleepyhead." I heard Amber say from the kitchen. "Good morning."  I said while walking to the kitchen. "How did you sleep?" Amber asked while setting the eggs on the plates. "Good. How did you sleep?" I asked while eating some of the egg. "I slept fine." Amber said while sitting down to eat. "Are you excited about the party tonight?" I asked while eating the rest of the egg. "Yeah, are you?" Amber asked while eating her egg. "Yeah and I'm also happy that we are friends again." I said while smiling. "I am too." Amber said while smiling back to me. "

Hailey's P.O.V

I woke up with Louis playing with my hair. "Good morning beautiful." Louis said before giving me a kiss on the lips. "Good morning." I said while getting out of bed. "Where are you going?" Louis asked. "I'm going to call Amber to see what time she is leaving for the party tonight." I said while grabbing my phone. "Ok. I will be making breakfast." Louis said before leaving the room.

I picked my phone up and started dialing her number. I waited a little bit and then she finally answered. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi." I heard the other person say. "Who is this?" I asked while pacing back and forth. "Its Zayn. I slept over at Ambers." Zayn said. "Where is Amber?" I asked. "She is in the shower." Zayn said. "Can you tell her I called?" I asked while sitting down on my bed. "Sure." Zayn said before hanging up.

After he hung up I went downstairs. I wonder why Zayn slept over at Ambers? I thought to myself. "Breakfast is ready." Louis said while getting two plates.

~10 hours later

Ambers P.O.V

"Ready to go?" Zayn asked while waiting by the door. "Yeah." I said while opening the front door. Once we got in the car I turned on the radio. Then I started heading out the driveway. On the way to the party Zayn and I sang our hearts out. Once we got to the party Zayn got out and opened up the door for me. "Thanks." I said. "Your welcome." Zayn said while walking into the party.

Nialls P.O.V

"Just ask her out." Liam said while pushing me toward Emily. "Ok, fine I will." I said before we got up to her. "Emily, I need to ask you something?" I asked. "Yeah what is it?" Emily asked. "Will you go out with me?" I asked while looking Emily in the eyes. "YES!" Emily said while giving me a hug. After she said that I kissed her passionately. After we parted we both went and told our friends.

Zayns P.O.V

Once we walked in I seen Harry telling me to come over to him. "I'll be right back." I said while walking over to Harry. "Hey, Zayn did you make a move already?" Harry asked. "No, we are here as friends." I said. "Well make your move already." Harry said while pushing me over to her.

Ambers P.O.V

I wonder if Zayn likes me? I thought to myself. As soon as I was about to go and get a drink Zayn came over and kissed me. I was shocked at first, but then I started to kiss back. After we parted we just smiled at each other. "Why did you kiss me?" I asked. "Amber, I had a crush on you ever since we were friends." Zayn said before kissing me again. We started to kiss passionately. After we parted again I just gave him a hug. "Why didn't you ever tell me you had a crush on me?" I asked. "I was worried you didn't feel the same way." Zayn said. "Zayn, I have always had a crush on you too." I said while parting from the hug. "Really?" Zayn asked. "Really, but I thought you didn't like me." I said while looking into his eyes.

Hailey's P.O.V

While I was talking to Louis I seen Emily and Niall coming up to us. "Guys, guess what!" Emily said. "What?" I asked. "Niall and I are dating!" Emily said. "Congrats you to!" Louis said with a smile on his face. "Yeah congrats!" I said. "Come on Emily lets go tell Zayn and Amber. Niall said. "Ok!" Emily said.

~5 hours later

Zayns P.O.V

"Ready to go?" I asked Amber. "Yeah." Amber said. "Ok." I said while holding Ambers hand. While we were walking to the car Hailey came up to us. "I knew something was going on between you two!" Hailey said. "Yeah, we just started dating today." I said while kissing Amber on the cheek. "Why didn't you tell me?" Hailey asked. "I was going to tell you." Amber said. "Well I'm happy for you guys." Hailey said with a smile on her face. "Thanks Hailey." Amber said while giving her a hug. "Yeah thanks." I said. "Well see you tomorrow?" Hailey asked. "Yeah." Amber said. After Hailey went into the car we kept walking to the car. As soon as we got in we turned on the radio.


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