We Found Love

A normal girl named Amber goes to a party with her friends. She never planned to fall in love with the school jock Zayn Malik.


10. i love you

Harrys P.O.V As soon as I said that I had his clothes I heard two footsteps coming down the stairs. I was so jealous that Zayn was dating her. It should of been me instead. "Thanks Harry." Zayn said while holding Amber close to him. "Hey Amber can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked. "Sure what is Harry." Amber says while Zayn goes upstairs. Instead of answering her I kissed her. After we parted Amber looked shocked. "What was that for Harry?" Amber whispers. "I love you Amber." I say while pulling her in for another one. "HARRY I'M DATING ZAYN THOUGH!" Amber yells before we start to kiss again. "WHATS GOING ON DOWN HERE!?" Zayn yells while coming down the stairs. "Nothing." I say. "Zayn he kissed me." Amber says while running towards Zayn. "Harry what?" Zayn asks while holding Amber in his arms. "H-he k-kissed m-me." Amber says while crying. "HARRY GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" Zayn yells. "FINE, BUT I WILL GET AMBER!" I yell before slamming the door. Zayns P.O.V After Harry left I comforted Amber. "Its okay Amber." I say while wiping the tears off her face. "You I love you Amber, right?" I ask Amber while holding her tight. "Yeah." Amber says. "Then why are you crying?" I ask while looking into her eyes. "I thought you would of broken up with me." Amber says with more tears forming. "I would never ever break up with you because you are my one and only." I say while wiping her tears off her cheek. "I love you." Amber says. "I love you too." I say before bringing her in for a kiss. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A/N sorry about the short chapter and who do you ship more? Harry and Amber or Zayn and Amber.
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