We Found Love

A normal girl named Amber goes to a party with her friends. She never planned to fall in love with the school jock Zayn Malik.


3. Going shopping

Hailey's P.O.V I started to get ready then I heard my phone ring. It was Louis. What did he want. So I answered it. Hello? I asked while waiting for Amber to pick me up. Hey, would you like to go out for dinner sometime. Louis asks. I was about to answer, but then I heard Amber calling me to get in. Hey can I get back to you on that? I asked while getting into the car. Sure. Louis said before hanging up. Where do you want to go first? Amber asks. How about Rue 21? I suggest while turning on the radio. Sure. Amber says while smiling. Ambers P.O.V Hey who were you talking to earlier? I ask. Oh I was just talking to a friend. Hailey says while playing a game on her phone. Oh okay. I say while finding an area to park. We started to head into Rue 21 then we ran into Emily. Hey Em. Hailey and I say. Good. Hey what are you guys doing here? Emily asks. We are here to find an outfit for the party on Friday. What are you doing here Em? I ask. Same thing. Emily says. Hey do you want to join us for looking for outfits? Hailey asks while putting her phone in her pocket. Sure, since we are already here. Emily says while smiling. Well, lets start shopping. I say while smiling. Emilys P.O.V Hey what do you guys think of this outfit? I ask while holding a beautiful blue short dress. It is amazing! Ambers says while smiling. You should totally get it! Hailey says. Ok, what are you guys going to get? I ask while getting my wallet ready. I'm going to get this neon orange shirt with a denim skirt. Amber says while showing us. It is so cute! I say while smiling. That is perfect for you! Hailey says while smiling. What are you getting Hailey? I ask. I'm going to get this strapless denim dress. Hailey says while showing us. Omg it is adorable! Amber says while smiling. It is perfect for you! I say while smiling. After we are done paying we decide to grab something to eat. Ambers P.O.V Where do you want to go out to eat at? I ask while starting up the car. How about Hosses? Emily suggests. That's sounds great! I say. Yeah lets go their! Hailey says. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a/n what do you think about Louis asking Hailey to go out to dinner with him? I may also update tomorrow.
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