The Way I Love You

Faith and Hope have always loved 1D...Of course cause Harry Styles and Niall Horan are ther bff since diapers
ok a little to much info
They start to fall in love
Does they feel the same way?


3. Starbucks

Faiths POV

We started walking to Starbucks

its not really far where we live

Me and Hope being the weird people we are started sing

Popular Song By MIKA and Ariana Grande

Ari Which is Hope:

You were the popular one the popular chick its is what it is now im popularish

MIKA which is me:

Standing on the field wit yo pretty pompoms now your working movies selling popular corn

i coulda been a mess but i never went wrong,cause im putting down my story in a popular song


I noticed a black van kept following us....

"Hey Hope,Isnt that black van following us?"

i asked alittle scared

"I hope it dosent kidnapp us!"Hope said put her name in the sentence

We started running the rest of The Way to Starbucks

We finally made it

We sat down and waited for them to come

Then a current  Black van pulled p to Starbucks...



Authors Note

Heya Crazy Mofos

I would have updated early but i fell asleep for seven hours


Listening to musica


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