What If? [Harry Styles AU]

What if One Direction had never made it to X-Factor? What if Liam gave up? What if Zayn didn't dance? What if Katy didn't say yes? What if they were just average kids, and what if Mia Ann fell in love with one?


1. The New Kid

            "Alright, students!" Mrs. Merrie's voice echoed throughout the small History classroom as she motioned towards another kid my age standing next to her. "This is Harry. He will be joining our classroom for the rest of the year as of today!" The tall boy stared at the ground and let his brown curls curtain his face.


            "You can take the seat next to Mia, there, Harry. Mia, please raise your hand!" I disruptively threw my hand in the air, resting my head on my other hand.


            "Here." I moaned. Harry walked over to the vacant desk, keeping his eyes glued to the floor, and sat. 


           "Mia, you'll be Harry's student guide until he gets the hang of the school." Mrs. M said, her high pitched voice ringing across the room. My jaw dropped as I began to protest.


          "How am I supposed to show him around when I only moved here last month?!" I raised my voice as I stood up from my desk, slamming my hands on the hardwood, "Mrs. Merrie, I barely know the fucking school myself!" Mrs. Merrie dropped her jaw at me and tilted her head. 


          "Mrs. Toiler, that is no way to talk to a teacher! Please sit down and don't back talk me again!" She snapped.


          I rolled my eyes and slouched back in my seat, pulling my grey hood over my head. It wasn't before long until a folded yellow piece of lined paper found it's way to my desk. I grabbed it and pulled it under my desk, unfolded it, and read the scrawled letters. "Hi Mia," It read. "You don't have to walk me around, I'll find my way around eventually. xx Harry" There were also a list of 10 numbers, his cell. I shot a look up at him and he was too busy sketching something, his purple Jack Wills Hoodie pulled over his curls, blockading the world around him.





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