Forever Togeter

Leah Styles and Harry Styles are identical twins but not by personality. Leah is a fun loving party girl with a devilish side. Harry on the other side is a open hearted freak show with a laid back aditude. What happens when Harry comes home from his world tour and Leah meets his band mates what happens when Leah meets Zayn? Does Zayn like her? Who's Sammy? Is Sammy in love with a member of the band?


8. The Qustion

Me and Sammy walked down stairs and into the living room. The boys were watching Family Guy on the flat screen."can we join?" I asked as we sit on the couch. "Sure" Harry said. Niall looked up and smiled at me then he looked at Sammy and his jaw dropped and he fell off the chair and on to the floor. "H-hey Leah w-who's your f-friend?" He asked stunned as well as Sam was. " oh yeah Niall this is Sammy, Sammy this is Niall" I say as they both stand up and shake hands with out looking away from each others eyes. Oh gosh now I have to deal with Sam screaming about him touching her hand.They swop numbers and stare at each other for a whole 3 episodes of Family guy.They I had it "I'm going to sleep in my room" I stand up and walk up the stairs passing the creeking step as I go up higher I hear the creeking  step creek I turn around too see Zayn following me close behind me. "Sorry do you need something? " I asked. "Yeah I want to ask you something" he said worried and excited at the same time." "Yeah pretty boy?" I asked him with a smirk. He looked worried but he was still determained "will you go out with me tomorrow at 7 pm?"he said looking down and blushing. I was shocked yet happy. " I would LOVE to Zayn" I said blushing. He looked up and said "really?"   "Yah" I said. He hugged me then put me down kissed my forehead and said "good night now" and he smiled big and ran down the stairs and tripped on the last step and fell flat on his face but that didnt mess his happy mood and he got up and ran back to the living room like nothing happened a few seconds ago.Wow that's wierd I ran to my room and pulled out my phone and texted Sam           Me:guess what!          Sam: Whaz up?         Me:Zayn asked me out !       Sam: Niall did the same with me too!!!     Me and Sam: DOUBLE DATE!!!!'

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