Forever Togeter

Leah Styles and Harry Styles are identical twins but not by personality. Leah is a fun loving party girl with a devilish side. Harry on the other side is a open hearted freak show with a laid back aditude. What happens when Harry comes home from his world tour and Leah meets his band mates what happens when Leah meets Zayn? Does Zayn like her? Who's Sammy? Is Sammy in love with a member of the band?


5. Ohh brother

Everyone walks into the house and into the living room. "So where do we put are stuff?" Liam asks." You guys can go pick one of each of the guest rooms for each of you." I say while showing them to the 5 guest rooms upstairs. After I show them to the guest rooms I walk down stairs and into my music room. I sit in the chair with my microphone and my guitar. I start to strum the beat to who says by Selena Gomez. I start to sing the lyrics and hit each note perfectly. After I finish the song I hear clapping .

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