Forever Togeter

Leah Styles and Harry Styles are identical twins but not by personality. Leah is a fun loving party girl with a devilish side. Harry on the other side is a open hearted freak show with a laid back aditude. What happens when Harry comes home from his world tour and Leah meets his band mates what happens when Leah meets Zayn? Does Zayn like her? Who's Sammy? Is Sammy in love with a member of the band?


7. Meet Sammy

After about 5 minutes of waiting I here the door open and some screams "honey I'm home" sammy screams at the top of her lungs. Huh that's new. I run down stairs and jump on her like I do to everyone :)."hey girl" I say "where's Niall?" She says . Ohh did I also mention she loves Niall . But something inside me got a little angry. Do I like Niall ? Well I know I like Zayn ? But Sammy is one of my best friends so she can have him because she gave me a guy we both liked once but it didn't work out because he cheated on me with my old best friend but I'm over that. " I don't know let's just go to my room " I say while walking to my room with Sammy behind me. Once we get to my room she could hold it in any longer "Aaliyah your brother and his friends are so cute" she yells. I snap my head back to look at her with an angry look on my face because she know I hate it when people call me by my real first name . A worried look spred acrossed her face. I tackled  her to the floor . "What's my name?!" I say with an evil grin across my face."l-Leah "she said. I get off of her and sit on the bed. She does the same. And we both start to laugh. I stop laughing and say "but for real ever call me Aaliyah agian I WILL kill you" with a serious face. She stopped laughing and sat on the other side of the bed so she wasn't near me. Good choice Samantha Good Choice.

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