Forever Togeter

Leah Styles and Harry Styles are identical twins but not by personality. Leah is a fun loving party girl with a devilish side. Harry on the other side is a open hearted freak show with a laid back aditude. What happens when Harry comes home from his world tour and Leah meets his band mates what happens when Leah meets Zayn? Does Zayn like her? Who's Sammy? Is Sammy in love with a member of the band?


2. In the Mind of Leah

Hi I'm Leah styles! I know what your thinking "OMG your Harry Styles little sister you are so lucky!!!!". But I'm not lucky I love Harry and all but sometimes I HATE him! Harry thinks that since he's famous he can do what ever he wants when he wants to. But that's going to change this weekend when he comes home with his band mates. If Harry wants something he can do it him self. Get ready Harry cause it is time!

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