Forever Togeter

Leah Styles and Harry Styles are identical twins but not by personality. Leah is a fun loving party girl with a devilish side. Harry on the other side is a open hearted freak show with a laid back aditude. What happens when Harry comes home from his world tour and Leah meets his band mates what happens when Leah meets Zayn? Does Zayn like her? Who's Sammy? Is Sammy in love with a member of the band?


3. Friday

                    Leah's P.O.V.                                                         I open my green eyes to see the light beaming through the window. " UGH" I moan as I turn over to face my alarm clock. "Crap it's 10:30 Harry will be here in a few hours!"I say as I jump out of bed and run to my closet. I picked out a pair of shorts and a blue short sleeve shirt. I throw my clothes on and run to the bathroom. I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I look like a normal girl. I brush out my light brown hair and leave it down. I look deep into my green eyes and think "Harry's gonna be here in a few hours so I better get to cleaning before he and he's friends get here".

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