Just Try

Rian had always had a dream of making it big, but no one around him, besides his family and friends had known of his brilliant voice. Every now and again he would daydream of being on a stage in front of thousands and singing. Maybe one day he will become successful. That was, if he could survive high school.


3. Chapter Three

The day of the Talent Show rolled around and the whole school was on early dismissal schedule for it. The few kids that were in it got to get out of school work and help decorate and practice.

"Guess what guys?" Mr.King asked. All of us turned to him instantly. 

"What?" We said in what sounded like a chorus.

"Well, you get to see who the special guest is first. Rian, Mrs.Cameron told you what you have to do right?" He asked, making sure.

"Yeah, she did." I said with a smile.

"Alright, well here is your microphone, go get on stage. Everyone else get into the audience. Rian, you will be first on stage, so you have to practice, and even better, the special guest got here early, so you can practice together." He said with a bright smile. I nodded and went onto the stage, and soon after the instrumental for 'Heart Attack' started playing. From where I was on the stage I heard a few of the other competitors asking, "Who do you think it is?" and to be honest, I was wondering the exact same thing. I had been informed to start the song, and then the guest would come in and I would just be doing back up.

"I'm putting my defenses up, 'cause I don't want to fall in love, if I ever did that, I th-" I stopped singing as I noticed who was coming up the stage and to start singing with me. My jaw dropped, and she gave me a smile and mouthed 'keep singing'. I did as I was instructed and kept singing where I would have been if i wouldn't have stopped, 

"Heart attack." Demi Lovato herself walked onto the stage and started singing with me, and I then slid back into backups. As she walked onto the stage everyone in the audience's jaws dropped, as mine did. Some people even started freaking out. After we were done singing she walked up to me.

"Awesome job!" She said with a brilliant smile. She gave me a high-five and she gave me a few pointers on the backup vocals. 

"Thank you." I said with a smile, then continued, "And thanks for picking me out of everyone to do the backup vocals." I said with an even brighter smile.

"No problem, you have a really amazing voice, that's quite unique and you are kind of cute too." My jaw dropped at the second part.

"You think I'm cute?" I asked, with an eyebrow raised.

"Sure you are." She shrugged then came closer and whispered, "Especially better the ones that try to look like Ken and try to go after Barbies." She said and we started laughing. "See even your smile is cute." I was pretty sure that a couple of guys, Mark, Hendix, and Jai in particular, got a bit jealous of that as their eyes widened. 


Everyone continued their solo practices as Demi and I continued to practice harmonizing together. Luckily we were backstage because people began filling in the auditorium a little early. And soon enough I was on the stage, in front of the whole school. I had to do the opening of the talent show, and then begin singing. Or at least, that's what I just figured out RIGHT before I was pushed onto the stage.

"Good afternoon everyone." I said with a beaming smile. "And welcome to the Talent Show, I am Rian Scott and I will be singing the opening song with our special guest." I continued on, then the music started up and I started singing. I looked to the right and saw Demi smiling at me and giving a thumbs up. And soon after she was on the stage, right on the side of me, and singing. Her appearance caused many jaws to drop, just like at practice. When we were done she gave me a hug and went sit with the other judges. I went backstage once again, waiting my turn to sing. I heard quite a few kids singing from where I was, one being Hendix. A couple of the teacher were head over heels because their favorite student in the whole world could, 'sing.' The rest of the teachers and Demi gave him low scores, Demi gave him a few pointers and he was off of the stage. After about ten minutes of waiting it was finally my turn. As soon as I walked out Demi and Mrs.Cameron were smiling at me. The music began playing and I sung 'Give Me Your Hand' and then I stopped and turned, nodding to the DJ, telling him I was ready for my second song. And soon after 'Can't Hold Us' Started playing. As I was singing Demi and a few of the teachers started dancing. When I was done they gave me my scores, all perfects, except for two, which were an 8 and a 7 out of 10, so by far, I was winning.I walked off the stage smiling, smiling and hoping no one would be better than me. After about another hour of songs it was time to announce the winners. Demi had the honors of doing that, since she was the special guest.

"Hi everyone." I could hear her from backstage, and I knew what time it was, I rushed to the side of the stage, fingers crossed.

"If you don't know me, my name is Demi Lovato, and I am a singer." She had a bright smile plastered onto her face. "Okay, I will announce the winners, starting from third place. So, if you get called, please come on to the stage."  She flipped over a paper, and started to call out third place.

"Third place goes to, Allison Briley." She said, giving Allison a hug as she went onto the stage to collect her trophy.

"Second place goes to, Hendix Jackson." Good God. He had to pull all sorts of strings to get that high. Was my only thoughts, I hope his little minions didn't do the same to get to first place.

"And first place... Goes to..." OH! Come on Demi! Stop dragging it out. "Remember, whoever gets first place gets to go on X-Factor." Are you kidding me? Just say who won! "And the winner is.... Rian Scott!" YES! I jumped up, excitedly, I doubted that I would even make third place, knowing that Hendix made second place, I was pretty scared. I walked up to Demi and she gave me another hug. "Congratulations!" She said as she handed me my trophy.

"Thank you!" I said, smiling, and I hadn't realized it, but Demi's number was on a piece of paper, taped under the trophy, which I noticed when I got home. 


So, it was on to X-Factor...

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