Just Try

Rian had always had a dream of making it big, but no one around him, besides his family and friends had known of his brilliant voice. Every now and again he would daydream of being on a stage in front of thousands and singing. Maybe one day he will become successful. That was, if he could survive high school.


1. Chapter One


Rian had always wanted to make it big in the world. Only problem was that he didn't like singing in front of people, because he always knew they were going to criticize him (not the constructive kind) or make fun of him because he could sing. So, for the most part, he hid it inside of himself. His family was completely supportive of him, as was the very few friends that knew about it. At lunch Rian was walking with a few of his friends, a couple of them knew, but not all of them, when they saw a banner for a school talent show. 

"Rian, you should try out." James whispered. I just shook my head, I wasn't about to make a fool out of myself when I still had one year of school left. People would hold it over my head for the rest of the year, and most likely all of next year. We got into the line for lunch, washing our hands at the sink. We talked a little more, but mostly about football, since we were all on the team. As we got our food, I heard a few of the 'popular' kids talking about the talent show. As if they could sing, I had heard them 'singing' outside a few times. Their singing sounded more like a couple of cows trying to talk, while giving birth. But of course, they would win, because they were perfect little angels on Earth to the teachers and staff. I couldn't stand them. They were always putting other people down to feel good about themselves, sucking up to the teachers, you name it. I didn't usually care about what people thought about me, but if they said something about me, they said it in a way that made it cut past all of the defense systems I had set up. We sat down at the table and started eating. The whole time I couldn't help but keep glancing, back and forth at the poster on the wall, "School Talent Shows! Tryouts are next Wednesday." When lunch was over I put up my tray, and got my things and walked out of the cafeteria. I walked into the halls with a few of my friends I was with for lunch, as we slowly walked to our last class, English. It was Friday, luckily, so I was soon to be off of school for at least a little while, and I wouldn't have to be around Jai, Mark, or Hendix. (The 'popular' guys) Or even their 'girlfriends', who they very frequently cheat on, Cindy, Zuri, who was actually really attractive, and Laurel. I was trying really hard not to answer any questions when Mrs.Cameron called my name out.

"Rian, come on up, you're my favorite student, this is my hardest question, I know you can get it." Mrs. Cameron was the only teacher who didn't see the popular crowd as little cupcakes. I sighed and got up, I was the only kid that actually liked her class, so, I was the only one who paid attention and listened, causing me to be her 'favorite'. I walked up to the Promethean Board. I read the questions and instantly knew the answer. How was this the hardest question? I asked in my head, then wrote the answer, then handed the teacher the pen. When I was done I went back to my desk.

"Thank you Rian. Okay class, pull out your books." The class did as they were instructed, and soon enough the class was over and the bell was ringing. I got up from my desk, got my things, and started walking out of the door.

"Rian?" Mrs.Cameron called out. I turned around, glancing around the classroom, I was the only one left.

"Yeah?" I asked, with an eyebrow raised.

"You are signing up for the talent show.. Right?" She asked, looking like she knew the answer (in her mind yes) already.

"Umm. No.? Why would you think I would?" I asked, quite confused.

"Well, I heard from a few people that you liked singing, and I wanted to hear you." She stated. WHO TOLD HER? Only the people I told should have known, NO ONE else. I told them NOT TO TELL ANYONE. I was so enraged. I just shook my head side to side and walked out of the room. 

When I finally reached home I was still quite enraged. What if the entire school knew I could sing? Most would probably think it was a joke, but still. I opened the door to my house, being careful not to slam it behind me since my mom was sleeping on the couch. She was such a slob recently. She had empty coke cans on the ground and dirty dishes in the sink. Was she that depressed? I mean I know that my dad just left us for some other woman and a couple of kids, and that she lost her job, but she had to take care of herself. I picked up the coke cans and threw them away, and washed off the dishes, putting them in the dishwasher. I walked into her room, picking up all the clothes on the floor, and putting them washing with a few of my own clothes. I wish she would do better with herself. I thought, looking at her on the couch. I had made up my mind, I was going to try out for that Talent Show, and seen where it went. I mean, there was nothing I could lose right? And the first prize was an audition for X-Factor USA. I went up to my room, and opened my laptop, going onto Facebook and checking a few things before closing it. All it was were pictures of people having fun. I looked up the instrumental for 'Mirrors' By Justin Timberlake, I had been told that I sounded very good singing it. And I started practicing.


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