An introduction to my book. It's just an idea - I asked myself a big question (the biggest question there is)...


1. Chapter 1 - Fish


Chapter One


I sometimes wonder what makes every being in this world think the way it thinks. Except for ants and maybe some other strange beings I don't know about. Anyway, everything in this world has one thing in common with the one next to it – the unsurpressable feeling of having to survive. It is the thing that keeps us from walking over the edge of cliffs – the fear that we could throw everything away in a heartbeat. The strange this is, so many (millions and millions) have died, but not one being on this earth that is alive and conscious today is dead. Despite all our scientific advancements, we do not know what comes after death. I think it is best not to know, or else there would be a frenzy and everybody would suddenly try to find some sort of life potion – an elixir to stay alive for as long as possible. But then we wouldn't have any big questions left in life.


Then there are fish. My scientific knowledge only streches so far – I know that some fish go to the place where bthey were born to give birth. Then they die. See, the fish don't care if they're losing their lives – they're doing it for their young. That cycle goes on and on, and on and on, and on and on. But the fish never stop and think. Because they're fish. But maybe they do – maybe they can and maybe, just maybe, somewhere out there in the vast stretches of water a young fish has stopped, thought about why it is doing whatever it is that it is doing and hesitated. Maybe another fish saw him – maybe fish can inspire other fish.


There are also ants. They only work as part of a large community. They aren't selfish, nor jealous, nor do they have much of a mind of their own (but I don't know that for sure – nobody does). Anyway, these ants only ever fight to survive. That is their purpose in life – to survive. But why? Why the hell do we all need to survive? What is this primal urge? What makes us so selfish? I have no idea, but if you just stop and read this book and take a minute... Don't tell yourself “I don't have time” because exactly that would defeat the purpose of this book. You need to take a break and just think about what you're doing. Why you're doing what you're doing. Like the fish. 

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