We were in Love

We were childhood friends. enough said.


3. Meet and Greet

So I decided to go. There's like 4000 people there, whats the point? I am never going to see him, and what if he doesn't reconize me ? Why did I come? Oh well.. Better make the best of it. So 3 hours waiting in line. Finally, I'm at the front of the line, waiting for this crazed fan to get out of the way, shes crying and screaming. Zayn always hated people like that. I look around, the security guards looking at me strangely. I get up on the little stage, my knees shaking, my palms are sweating, my head is going fuzzy, I can't back out now. I say hi to Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam. Zayn's at the end. Great he doesn't notice me. i just say "hey" and he takes no notice of me, just one of the fans. Oh My God. Our friendship bracelet, shit. He grabs my wrist, looks at the bracelet and then looks at me "Issy? Oh my God ! Issy" He gave me a huge hug! "Oh wow, how have you been !?" He was yelling over the fans. "Hm, yeah I've been good thanks". He reached over, and whispered something in my ear "I'll come to your place after this, about 7?" Holy Shit, Zayn Malik is coming to my house. What do I do!? "Sure" I said back.

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