Don't Let Me Go (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Christmas, Supposed to be one of the greatest days ever. Not for Harry. That was the day his girlfriend left him. And by that, I mean she commit suicide. She was just tired of getting hate, being called names, etc. So, She just gave up on life. So, get ready for a drama, romance, and sad movella.

*I advise you have tissues when you read this story*


1. 1-December 1st 2012. 24 days until Mia's death.

*I wrote this movella with help from my cousin. I already wrote all the chapters, I'll update every week*

December 1st 2012. 24 days until Mia's death.

Mia P.O.V

"Hey, Aren't you Mia Jones? Your dating Harry Styles!" A girl next in line to me said. I was at Starbucks, getting a frappe so I can head off to work. "Yeah, I'm Mia" I said. "Well your a slut. You better stay away from my Harry. Were meant to me. So you better back off" She said giving me an evil glare. I sighed and moved up in line. "Hi, How may I help you?" The lady asked. "Just give me a Carmel frappe please" I said. It really hurts me when people are mean to me. I haven't done anything wrong.

"Here you go!" The lady said and handed me the frappe. "Thanks" I said and handed her the money. "You better watch your back" The rude girl said to me just as I got out of line.
I walked away, And went out to Harry's car. My car is being painted, So Harry offered to take me to work. If your wondering, I'm a model. I work with Eleanor.

"Did anybody notice you?" He asked. I shook my head, Put my frappe in the cup holder, And put on my seat belt.
I didn't want to put any pressure on Harry. He has an interview today, And I don't want him to start any feud with the directioners. The car
ride was pretty quiet, well for me.

Mostly because Harry was talking to Louis over the phone. We finally the modeling agency after driving for about 20 minutes or so. Harry opened the door for me as I got out. "Bye babe" He said and kissed me. "Bye Hazza. Have fun at your interview" I said and fixed the collar of his shirt, under his coat. I walked into the building. "Good morning!" I said to my boss.

"Good morning Mia. You and Eleanor are working together, So go to the main room. She's waiting for you ok?" My boss said. "Ok" I said and walked to the main room. "Hi everybody!" I said as I walked into the room. I put my coat on the coat rack, And walked towards Eleanor.

"Hey El" I said and gave her a hug. "Hey Mia" She said and started fiddling with her fingers. "Are you alright?" I asked. "Me and Louis are fighting" She said. I sighed at that. They never fight. "What about?" I asked.

"Well, He wants to spend Christmas with his family, But I already made plans for us and his family, But he doesn't want to go on vacation" She said. "Maybe he's just tired of traveling. I mean, Him and the boys are always going places, So maybe you should just have a simple Christmas. Maybe save the vacation for another time" I said.

"Yeah I guess your right. I'll just reschedule it. Atleast I didn't book the plane tickets or hotel yet" She said. "Ok Mia and Eleanor! Put this on" My boss said handing me a short red Christmas dress, a Santa Claus hat, And black boots. Eleanor got a snowman white dress with black buttons, A snowman hat, and black boots too. Both of the outfits were super cute!

We put on the clothes, Did our hair and make up, And went to where the photoshoot was being held. "Ok Eleanor you stand there" He said pointing to our main prop, The Santa Claus sled.

After the photoshoot, I stopped by the interview. And you couldn't believe what I saw.

A/N: Hey guys! So, My cousin helped me out with this. I started to write this earlier. Lol I'm so weird, I'm waiting outside for the 1D concert to start here in Miami, And I'm updating a story. Well, I really hope you like my first fanfiction!


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