one, he'll be mine!

Every chapter consists of a new romance, fantasy and explicit basiced story .
The words can be really touching , they were picked to feel so .



 As we get into the room, i look up to his face. Such a distance of  height that  makes me feel small enough for him to keep me shelter , he pulls my hair aside then behind my shoulder , we stare into each other’s eyes  in a way that makes me forget what’s time made of .  he has me on the edge, it’s not about resisting , I am not here to resist. I am here  by will . when his fingers run through my hair I feel a magnetic push out of  nowhere  against his body and before the second is over the lips were locked on each other.

It’s such  feeling of sweet taste and exchange of the fruits of our souls . it’s the closest we could collide !

Heating it up !

Slowly his hands are undressing me but faster are his desires that are fighting and racing  through his nerves to get forward on his finger tips which are showing off my own beauty :3   but he is still slow and gentle , he is wild but in control. So slow to enjoy every inch of the touch he and I receive.

As he paces I struggle in my mind but good and bad in this moment could actually give the same meaning . just when your lover’s hands are curious to explore every single little detail of your body , it’s not only about filling the desire , it’s a way of sharing pleasure beyond this world’s descriptions and meanings .

I’d just like it when he touches my body, I could emotionally and physically feel him and every single emotion unwasted   . the way he plays with my mind.

We were born to enjoy ourselves !

But where am I from love I am so drowned to death , I could burn him with my eyes as my passion to make love to him is boiling  inside.

His naked body is the gloriest symbol of  manly perfection and beauty and power , he is mine now all mine ! 

Every piece and inch are under the pressure of love and lust, between satisfaction and pain , pain of the pain and the pain of satisfaction .

My wild side is on stage and ready to make a show . I push him to the bed, he fell so helplessly ,  unexpecting the rising heat . I crawl over him all topless and free , the amazement on his face is pleasing me , creating this wicked smile on his face. Time For The Game To Begin .


And I tie his hands to the edges of the bed and as I study the look on his face , he is just so deliciously vulnerable .  and I get up , spinning  around the room , cheered up as I am taking off what’s left on me … and I see as his eyes wander with my body , I could read his feelings making love to me …..

Second scene aaaand ACTION !

Sitting over his sexy thing and my eyes are expressive enough and before he know it , his pants were on the other side of the room and I just have him in the form of a new born baby and  he is my baby ;)

He is expecting  me to go down on him directly like a hungry hooker on a horny wealthy business man but shame on him.

I am feeding him the touch as slow as it could burn him, It’s time to steal the lights , give demands , exchange the enjoyment.

“ hmm you want it ? , you want me to suck it, play with it?”

“if you please will “  his face asking for it with innocence in disguise  as I am the devil steaming him .

“hunny wait and see! “


Kiss him here .

Kiss him there.

Kissing him everywhere….

                                                       To be continued ….


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