The truth about life

Based on a real story! a girl only 13 pushed to self harm and deppression...what will happen?


1. It's tough!

3...2...1...My only way out, i can't cut I promised Robbie I wouldn't.

'MUM' I shouted 'Do we have any tablets my head is killing me'

'yes they are here darling' My mum replied.

I couldn't cut,

nor kill my self.

But I NEEDED to ease the pain, this was it. I thought to my self if I overdose every thing will be okay again. I will go numb,my pains will drift away and i will end up in the place i want to be! But this will only last a matter of hours. I will fall asleep and in the morning nothing will be remembered. What the point in remembering what is meant to be forgotten?

I'm not happy and I now it but that doesn't mean i can't be happy. Although all my happiness is a show. I don't deserve Robbie or Olivia or Mai. I'm worthless and I HATE MY SELF.

Nobody knows about this! Its not that i don't trust them its just that they are going to force me to get 'Help' but I don't need 'Help'...or do I?

I'm perfectly fine i'm just going through a bad patch in life! I will be fine in a week or two! Now just everyone LEAVE ME ALONE!

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