I'll Save You.. Again

Ok... i thought i was the only superhero left.. besides my best friend, Kaylinn. But i find out... im in a team of superheros.
Harry Styles-Pheonix Whisper
Louis Tomlinson- Black Cranium
Zayn Malik- Web Zapper
Liam Payne- Iron Lord
Niall Horan- Silver Falcon
Kyra Long- Azure Torch
Katie Cannon- Night Sprirt
Quinlan Leach- Black Guardian
Kaylinn LaValley- Invincible Angel
Elizabeth Contreras- ShadowCat
..And of course.. Tyler James Shostakova- The villian- Skull Mask.

And just to say... we arent perfect... but teamwork... is everything.

Niall:Teleportation,Telepathy,Forcefields, Feeling emotions
Liam:Superstrengh, flight, skills and knowledge, the ability to remove sense but puts them back too.
Louis: Speed, Heal/Regeneration, Mind to mind communcation/mindcontrol, Elasticity
Harry: Time Travel, Longevity/immortality, Magnetic forces, Telekiness(moves objects), Invisibilyty
Zayn: Sensing danger, climbing/wall-craweling, webshooting, Ability to locate someone mentally
The rest u will c


9. Chapter 9

“So as you can see...” All I could hear was the sound of the blah blah of Louis talking to Quin. I saw Quinlan give me a look of pure torture, I giggled as I swirled the hot chocolate that Harry bought me.

I stared out the window of the little coffee shop; Harry had his arm around me trying to get Louis to stop talking. People walked the streets of New York, acting like it was a normal day.

You see the sleepiness of people as they hold their briefcases and coffees.

Children and Tourist just enjoy being there.

Don’t they understand trouble is coming?

Do they not understand their not safe?

I guess they think that they will be saved either way; I just couldn’t help but think...

Will I be saved?

“Katie... Katie... Babe?”

I looked around at the scene, “Uh... Yea w-what are we talking about?”

Quinlan spoke up, “Well we were talking about us going back to your place or something. But you were in some deep thought.”

I scratched the back of my head as I played with a string on the inside of my jacket pocket.

“I think I just want to sleep… You know. So I’ll talk to you later.”

I grabbed my bag and walked out, the cold breeze of fall running through my hair.

I took a deep breathe enjoying the world around me; I looked up as I saw a guy with slick black hair and dark blue eyes.

“Hello Katie.”

“Ty-Tyler...What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you baby. What else?”

He grabbed my arm pulling me into the alley.


“Oh come on baby, we have places to be.

*Harry’s POV.*

Something wasn’t right.

I texted Katie six times and called her twice and still she wasn’t answering.

“Guys something isn’t right. Katie isn’t answering me, texting or calling. I’m worried.”

“Harry she is like … an international spy or something like that. Relex I bet she fell asleep.”

I pulled out my wallet and threw some money on the table and said, “Well she’s my girlfriend. I’m suppose to protect her, spy or not.”

I walked out of the coffee shop and saw something strange on the ground, it looked like..

Katie’s cell phone.

I looked left and right and all around to find out where she could have gone.

I looked down the alley way and I frecked out.

She’s been captured and I think I know who it is.

I dialed Louis phone

Hello this is Louis the tommo-“

“Cut the crap real quick, Katie’s gone. Her phone was lieing on the freaking street and no trace of her anywhere.”

We will be there soon. Call everyone else. I have a feeling Tyler is behind this.”

I hung up and dialed everyone as I stared the phone.

Well I finally got the girl and this is what happens, her fudging ex-boyfriend takes her.



I was standing with Louis and Quin waiting for the rest of the group.

I was pacing back and forth, I was literally going on a mental breakdown.

“Harry you need to just take deep breathes. Please your making me upset?” Quin said putting her hand on my shoulder. But I gave in and just kept my mind and my legs still and quiet.

I see Liam and Kyra land on the concrete in front of me, Liam holding Kyra bridal style.

Zayn and Lely carefully jumped down from above me, while I literally wanted to scream that everyone was a couple and my girlfriend is out somewhere dying or something.

“Ok look, we need to split up and look for Katie. I suspect Tyler is behind this and I want the girl I lov- like back. Wait… Zayn can you track down Katie for me?”

“I can try mate.”

As he raised his two fingers up to his right side of his head, he closed his eyes.

You could tell he was searching and he smiled saying, “I found her.”

“Where is she?”

His eyes went wide saying, “A place I never thought he would know where it is.”


“Her apartment?”

I quickly told everyone to meet me there, and I hopped on Lou’s back.

This guy is going to regret doing this.




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