I'll Save You.. Again

Ok... i thought i was the only superhero left.. besides my best friend, Kaylinn. But i find out... im in a team of superheros.
Harry Styles-Pheonix Whisper
Louis Tomlinson- Black Cranium
Zayn Malik- Web Zapper
Liam Payne- Iron Lord
Niall Horan- Silver Falcon
Kyra Long- Azure Torch
Katie Cannon- Night Sprirt
Quinlan Leach- Black Guardian
Kaylinn LaValley- Invincible Angel
Elizabeth Contreras- ShadowCat
..And of course.. Tyler James Shostakova- The villian- Skull Mask.

And just to say... we arent perfect... but teamwork... is everything.

Niall:Teleportation,Telepathy,Forcefields, Feeling emotions
Liam:Superstrengh, flight, skills and knowledge, the ability to remove sense but puts them back too.
Louis: Speed, Heal/Regeneration, Mind to mind communcation/mindcontrol, Elasticity
Harry: Time Travel, Longevity/immortality, Magnetic forces, Telekiness(moves objects), Invisibilyty
Zayn: Sensing danger, climbing/wall-craweling, webshooting, Ability to locate someone mentally
The rest u will c


8. Chapter 8

“What do you mean we are back when we met?”

“Well... um”

“How do we get back?”

“I could...”


I felt his wet lips on mine and I relax, “Babe, chill out! Just relax. We are going to get back. Just kiss me.”

So I did, grab him by the collar and slowly and passionately kissed him. I didn’t feel the wind and him grabbing my waist, I just knew that this were are second first kiss.

Then we stopped when I heard our names, and whistling coming from the group. I turned to them and smiled, while Harry kept his protective arm around me.

“Oh guys shut up. I know you guys are all secret couples too when we aren’t around.” Winking at all the girls as we walked past all of them. I looked up at Harry and smile leaning into his shoulder.


*Elizabeth POV*

As we were walking back to the practice room, Harry and Katie were acting like they couldn’t be separated. Which sucks cause I’m alone with Zayn and the rest well that’s what I thought.

“Hey, I and Kaylinn are going to Nandos! Don’t catch up.”

“Yea  ... I and Kyra are going to the park.”

“Quinlan and me and the love doves over there are going our double date after they change…Don’t wait up.”

That left me and Zayn. Great.

Alone with the bad boy from Bradford, I sat on the couch when I spot my bow and arrows.

“Well… if you don’t mind Zayn I’m going to practice my shooting.”

As I went to get up, He stopped me by grabbing my wrist.

“Follow me.”

I looked at him and said, “Where are we going?”

He walked down the hall with me trying to catch up with him, why wasn’t he talking to me.

“Hello? I am visible right?”

“Just shush.” He grabbed my hand and we walked down the street.

I noticed it was pitch black dark, street lights the only thing keeping the streets from being so freaking scary.

I looked around at where we were at.

He walked down the alley, which scared me even more.

He turned towards me and said, “Hold onto me.”

I was hesitant, what was he doing?

He winked as he grabbed my hand pulling me on his back.

Soon we were on the wall.

“Zayn... I know you’re a spider thing. But why are we crawling up a wall in an alley in the dark.”

I didn’t hear him speak; I guess I’ll just shut up.

He made it to the top of the building and said,

“I come up to the rooftops sometimes. Listening to the sound of sirens and people. Sometimes even the birds. And I guess I brought you here cause... I like you.”

I smiled; I guess I never knew that this moment might happen.

I felt him start jogging, wait... oh my... no... AHH

He jumps off the roof and shoots a string of web towards another building.

I look down, it was amazing, and we were not even crashing or hurting ourselves.

I relaxed my head on his shoulder, it was getting cold. It made me tired.

I slowly fell asleep to him saying, “I love you Elizabeth. Sweet Dreams.” And another whooshing sound of his web shooting.

I guess you could say, I fell for the bad boy from Bradford. 

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