I'll Save You.. Again

Ok... i thought i was the only superhero left.. besides my best friend, Kaylinn. But i find out... im in a team of superheros.
Harry Styles-Pheonix Whisper
Louis Tomlinson- Black Cranium
Zayn Malik- Web Zapper
Liam Payne- Iron Lord
Niall Horan- Silver Falcon
Kyra Long- Azure Torch
Katie Cannon- Night Sprirt
Quinlan Leach- Black Guardian
Kaylinn LaValley- Invincible Angel
Elizabeth Contreras- ShadowCat
..And of course.. Tyler James Shostakova- The villian- Skull Mask.

And just to say... we arent perfect... but teamwork... is everything.

Niall:Teleportation,Telepathy,Forcefields, Feeling emotions
Liam:Superstrengh, flight, skills and knowledge, the ability to remove sense but puts them back too.
Louis: Speed, Heal/Regeneration, Mind to mind communcation/mindcontrol, Elasticity
Harry: Time Travel, Longevity/immortality, Magnetic forces, Telekiness(moves objects), Invisibilyty
Zayn: Sensing danger, climbing/wall-craweling, webshooting, Ability to locate someone mentally
The rest u will c


7. Chapter 7

“I bet you never had a pickle.”

“I bet I’ll never eat one either.”

“I bet you will.”

“I bet I won’t”

Harry was convincing me to eat a pickle, but I wouldn’t.

“Harry, why don’t you time travel all the time?” He stared at me, “Because I don’t know why. I just can’t.” I smiled, and I looked at Elizabeth and Zayn, she was practicing and she has made about 20 in a row. Man, she was very good. Zayn was just in awe with her, it was cute.

I felt an arm go around, I just lent into it anyways. It was comforting to have something or someone beside me.

I looked at Kaylinn and she was laughing at something Niall said. Liam and Kyra were talking secretly, I saw her face turn pink, and they are adorable.

Quinlan was drinking red punch; I’ve noticed that instead of drinking blood, she drinks punch.

This is a good thing. I don’t want her to suck my blood.

Louis on the other hand, was saying to her, “Come on Quin, go on one double date with me and Harry! Please.” I giggled, I wondered who Harry was going with, “Hey, Hazza, who are you going with?”

He has finished his pickle and said, “I really don’t know yet.” I felt sad; my heart dropped because I wish it was me he would be asking. I nodded my head at him, and looked at my cell phone, when his lips pressed against my cheek, for the second time that day, and he chuckled in my ear saying, “But I was hoping you would go with me?”

I held my inner joy inside and casually said, “Yea sure.” I just smiled down at my phone when he looked away.

I texted Kaylinn saying, “He finally asked me on a date!!! Xx”

                                        “FINALLY! Gtg Niall wants to take me somewhere! X0”

I shrugged and looked at Harry, I wonder what would happen if I time traveled with him?

“Harry let’s try it.” I spoke out of notice; sometimes I can be an idiot.

He looked at me and said, “What do you mean it?”

I rolled my eyes, “Time Travel, Wouldn’t it be fun?” I gave him my sweet and adorable smile hoping he would say yes.




“Because I said so. I never tried it I don’t tend to.”

I frowned and kissed his cheek, “Please... ill do anything.” He stared at me like I was weird but I just giggled, “Well?”

He sighed, I could tell he was thinking but I didn’t say anything, I bite my lip and I felt like a child waiting for the punishment.

He grabbed my hand out of the blue and said,

“Hey guys we’ll be back. We have to try something.”


*Harry’s POV.* (Told you I would do one ;))

I guess I never can say she didn’t blow my mind sometimes.

I dragged her to the rooftop, cause I don’t know what happens... when I time travel.

I got close and said, “The only way for me to time travel. Is to feel emotion and to think of time of happiness.” She stared at me; I guess I don’t explain well.

“Don’t move.”

Her lips were pale but had a tint of pink, I leant my head against hers, my eyes slightly eyeing her lips. I rubbed my nose with hers, my lips tempting to kiss her but I’m afraid.

I couldn’t tell if she wanted this too, but she didn’t move.

My lips ghosting hers, as I finally gently pressed into her lips.

A gust of wind swept through us, I pulled her closer and I could feel my happy place.

Being with her.

I soon noticed the wind had died down.

“Katie?” I said, barely moving my lips from hers.


“Uh... we are… um  ... on the date we met.”



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