I'll Save You.. Again

Ok... i thought i was the only superhero left.. besides my best friend, Kaylinn. But i find out... im in a team of superheros.
Harry Styles-Pheonix Whisper
Louis Tomlinson- Black Cranium
Zayn Malik- Web Zapper
Liam Payne- Iron Lord
Niall Horan- Silver Falcon
Kyra Long- Azure Torch
Katie Cannon- Night Sprirt
Quinlan Leach- Black Guardian
Kaylinn LaValley- Invincible Angel
Elizabeth Contreras- ShadowCat
..And of course.. Tyler James Shostakova- The villian- Skull Mask.

And just to say... we arent perfect... but teamwork... is everything.

Niall:Teleportation,Telepathy,Forcefields, Feeling emotions
Liam:Superstrengh, flight, skills and knowledge, the ability to remove sense but puts them back too.
Louis: Speed, Heal/Regeneration, Mind to mind communcation/mindcontrol, Elasticity
Harry: Time Travel, Longevity/immortality, Magnetic forces, Telekiness(moves objects), Invisibilyty
Zayn: Sensing danger, climbing/wall-craweling, webshooting, Ability to locate someone mentally
The rest u will c


5. Chapter 5

I guess... I just let him… I guess I didn’t realize I had gotten hurt before.

I guess he is just perfect.

I lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling replaying the words that left his mouth when I had said what I had said...

I promise, I’ll catch you, I always will Katie.”

Should I trust him?


I looked to my right, staring at the clock. 8 Am. No shock there. No rest. Just staring. I got up, and made my way into the bathroom, staring into the mirror, everything flashed back from the time I met Tyler... It was more of a night mare...



I stared at him across the room. He was the type of guy that would use you. But I was drunk and I didn’t know what I was doing.

I grabbed him.

And we danced to the beat of the music.

We kissed.

Next thing I know, we had gone home and he was nice and caring and took care of me.

But... we went on dates and I thought he was getting to clingy so I decided to bring it up to him.

“Tyler we need to talk.” He looked up, and smiled, grabbing my hand gently and says, “What’s up babe.”

I sighed, “I think we should... break up.”

His hand gripped mine tightly, and I felt pain. “T-Tyler you’re hurting me, stop!”

Soon he lets go and says, “You’re going to pay for this Cannon. You’re dead to me.”

I felt the tears in my eyes as he left.

I guess you can say, there was no friendship.

I splashed my face and I heard a snore, I remember Harry slept over so did Niall…

I opened my door slightly to see a foot over the couch and a messy hairdo of curls sticking up. I giggled as I closed my door and changed into this:


I grabbed my car keys and I brushed my hair, pulling out my straightener and straighten my hair, making sure I looked nice. I applied my red lip gloss and opened the door, to see Kaylinn cooking breakfast.

“Good Morning sunshine.” I smirked at her sentence.

“Good Morning to you too. Are the boys gone?” She shook her head, “No they are actually getting changed in the guest bedroom, niall slept in there while harry slept on the couch, surprised he didn’t crawl in with you.” She giggled, I turned a deep shade of red, I’m so glad Niall cannot hear us right now.

As Kaylinn put out the pancakes, I pour coffee in the mug I had, when I heard steps, I didn’t turn around till I put my cream in my coffee.

I turned around and looked at Harry, I gulped, and he looked handsome… even though it’s the same clothes as yesterday.

“G-Good Morning boys.” I sat down at the table and smiled.

Kaylinn sat next to me as the boys sat across us.

“WHOA! These pancakes are good!” I heard Niall say and Kaylinn started telling about the time she fell off a chair … or something like that.  Then I heard a knock at the door, I looked at Kaylinn, “Who could that be?”

I got up and started worrying,

What if it was Tyler?

What if it was a murderer?

I noticed I didn’t put on my gun, as I turned the knob, I opened the door and there stood Zayn and Lely and Liam with Kyra.

“Oh whew... you guys scared the crap out me.” I smiled and they laughed and came inside, Liam spoke up and said, “I’m guessing you guys slept over?” He raised an eyebrow at Niall and Harry; I blushed and said, “They did... BUT nothing happened.” I gave him a look.

He threw his hands in the air, “Well Simon called and said that he wants you guys to start practicing for stuff so he told us to take you guys.” I noticed no one had keys, “How did you guys get here?” Liam and Zayn smirked and Lely sighed, “Zayn dragged me onto his back and he used his web stuff and Liam held Kyra and they flew or something.” I smiled, sort of wishing Harry would do something like that but I erased it of my mind.


LOUIS AND QUINLAN!”They both stopped and smiled, “Sorry … I WON BY THE WAY!” “NO YOU DIDN’T I DID...” And that last for a good three minutes until Louis let her win.

“Well I have to work, so does Kaylinn.” She nodded her head when Harry said, “Well just call in sick.” He gave me … the harry styles smile that gets all the girls. I sighed and texted my boss.

“Ok, I did it for both of us Kay!” Ugh... He is a dork… a cute dork.

“Katie, stop thinking about it.” I looked at Niall... “Sorry Nialler.”

Liam smiled and said, “Let’s go watch Lely, Katie and Kaylinn practice.”

I looked at them, “How am I getting there?” I raised an eyebrow, and Quinlan spoke up, “Me and Louis can get you there. “ Niall spoke up and said, “Uh no, I got Kaylinn.” I smirked they would make a cute couple.

Well... I guess I could just get a cab...” Harry can I guess hop on my back.” Spoke Quinlan, which sort of made me… jealous. Louis sent me a message in my brain saying, its ok, she’s jealous that you get her handsome Louis. I smiled and hoped on his back, I looked at Harry and he was smiling but then looked at me and Louis and his eyes turned a dark green. Oh gosh.

I saw Lely wrap her arms around Zayn when they got out the door, he shot a web and off they went. Liam grabbed Kyra and smiled down at her, taking off as well. Kaylinn and Niall were hugging each other and then “poof” they were gone.

I hugged Louis tightly and he ran super-fast and I saw everything in a blur, but I saw Quinlan and Harry, but I mainly saw his smile through everything... it was like... time travel... weird but it felt great seeing his smile. I just wish it was me making him smile like that.

We came to a screeching halt and I almost fell off when I felt a pair of arms hold me up, “Thanks!” I looked up to see Quinlan. But then she dropped me again, I rolled my eyes and got up. “I think I’m going to put my suit on. Kaylinn are you coming?” she smiled and followed me.

“So... Harry?”

“Don’t start.”

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