I'll Save You.. Again

Ok... i thought i was the only superhero left.. besides my best friend, Kaylinn. But i find out... im in a team of superheros.
Harry Styles-Pheonix Whisper
Louis Tomlinson- Black Cranium
Zayn Malik- Web Zapper
Liam Payne- Iron Lord
Niall Horan- Silver Falcon
Kyra Long- Azure Torch
Katie Cannon- Night Sprirt
Quinlan Leach- Black Guardian
Kaylinn LaValley- Invincible Angel
Elizabeth Contreras- ShadowCat
..And of course.. Tyler James Shostakova- The villian- Skull Mask.

And just to say... we arent perfect... but teamwork... is everything.

Niall:Teleportation,Telepathy,Forcefields, Feeling emotions
Liam:Superstrengh, flight, skills and knowledge, the ability to remove sense but puts them back too.
Louis: Speed, Heal/Regeneration, Mind to mind communcation/mindcontrol, Elasticity
Harry: Time Travel, Longevity/immortality, Magnetic forces, Telekiness(moves objects), Invisibilyty
Zayn: Sensing danger, climbing/wall-craweling, webshooting, Ability to locate someone mentally
The rest u will c


2. Chapter 2



I kept saying that over and over in my head and I stood up quickly saying, “Why do you need me?” I slammed my fists down on the table of the board meeting room. I was also by my Kaylinn hoping she wasn’t afraid as much as I was. “Please calm down Miss. Night Spirit…” “No! You listen carefully; I’m not going to work with people I don’t know. I don’t want my friend in harm’s way, either you give me a dang good reason I’m doing this or I’m out.” I lean my body back against the wall as I stared straight to the man’s eyes; he stood up and said, “You really want to know! There’s evil coming and you know who’s responsible for this?” I kept a straight face not knowing the words coming out of his mouth next.

“Skull Mask.”

Everyone in the room stared at me, my heart raced but I kept a straight face, I looked at Kaylinn and she slowly got up, “K-Katie, you need to sit down.” She walked towards me, I was going mental… My ex-boyfriend who wanted to kill me... is the guy we are fighting...

“What’s wrong with her?” I heard a guy ask, I looked up, Harry. Kaylinn quickly took my gun away from me and I went on a full rampage, “YOU WANT TO FREAKING KNOW WHY IM MENTAL? MY EX IS SKULL MASK WHO ACCOMPLISHED OF RUINING MY LIFE I CAN’T-“ Next thing I know, a web shot at me and I was hit against the wall, “WHAT THE-“ Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands on my mouth and Kaylinn grabbing duct tape. I was webbed to the wall and duct tape, that’s bloody fantastic.

 I yelled and screamed and tried to get away and Harry walked over and said, “You need to calm yourself. Understand? Now someone needs to explain this or I’ll go full mental on you guys.” Harry walked away and Niall says, “She is calm now.” Staring straight at me, Liam comes over and rips the tape off and the web, I covered my mouth, it really hurt.

Simon was leaning against the window, “…May I please explain so things?” Everyone sat down; I was still leaning against the wall.

“Ok…. Starting with... Kyra Horan. Can you please show us what you can do?” Kyra was hesitant, and very... very... shy. She got up and said, “Do you have a room where fire can’t burn it?” Simon nodded and made us follow him. “As a team… you have to learn to control your powers or you …shots... and make sure your team knows you better than anyone else. Understand?” He pushes back a coffee mug, tilting back ward a blue button was underneath he pressed it and it made a secret door open up in the ground, stairs lighting up as it went on and on in a circle. I looked at Kaylinn, and slowly made our way down, with all the guys and Kyra and quinlan and Lely.

We all walked into a room and we sat down in oval chairs, “Now...” Simon spoke, “The room in front of us is where Kyra will demonstrate her different powers.” He sat back and crossed his arms; I look around and saw everyone staring into the white room behind the glass we were staring at, soon... Kyra walked in. She had changed into some kind of white clothing, and soon she just stood there. As we waited, I walked up and said, “Kyra, can you show us please?” I rolled my eyes and felt an arm around my shoulders, “Yeah girl, show us what you can do.”

Kyra looked down and soon, it felt hotter… everyone was fanning themselves. As I stared at Kyra, she slowly looked up with fire in her eyes, she yelled and put her hands out and fire was surrounding the room, me and kaylinn jumped back and I looked at the rest of them. And Simon, was laughing, Niall, was smiling like it wasn’t a big deal.

“Ladies and Gentleman, Azure Torch. “

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