This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.



* Justin's POV *


I woke up feeling amazing! I haven't felt this good since...I don't even know when. Unwillingly, I opened my eyes and I was still with Danielle. I started playing with her hair. She slept so peacefully, so beautifully.


"What are you doing" she giggled, moving so we were chest to chest.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up" I said as I ran my hands up her long, smooth legs and rested them on her hips.


"Nah, I was awake anyway" she smiled, she traced the lines of my tattoo on my chest.


"Wow! SCOOTER WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Ariana shouted giving us a heads-ups.


"Shit!" I whisper shouted, as I jumped out of her bed and on to mine.


"OH YOU'RE CHECKING UP ON DANI!!" Ariana shouted again.


* Your (Danielle's POV *


I laughed at Justin fumbling around trying to act like he'd been there the whole time. He pretended to be sleeping.


"Thank you, Ariana(!) But I'm not that old, I've not gone deaf yet" Scooter chuckled as he walked closer to me. I quickly got my phone and made it look like I was doing something. "Oh, hey, you're up! How are you feeling?"


"I'm hungry" I stated.


"Back to normal then!" He chuckled. "Hey, kid! Get up we're going out for breakfast." He banged on Justin's bunk. When Justin didn't respond, he did it again. "We'll leave you behind." Again no reaction, maybe he actually fell asleep. I giggled at this. "You wanna try?" Scooter turned to me. 


"Lemme just get dressed" I smiled. As soon as Scooter was gone I climbed up to Justin's bed and kissed his bare back and move my hands from his hip to his chest. "Wakey wakey, sleepy head" I laughed. Instantly, he turned over and grabbed my hips. This startled me and caused me to fall, taking Justin with me. Hearing the thud of us landing, and probably feeling it too, Scooter and Ari rushed in and seen Justin and I laughing on the floor laughing about what a klutz I am. Scooter instantly rescued me from the shirtless boy, thank goodness(!)


"Just get ready, without the funny business" He directed at Justin. 


Doing as we were told, I got dressed in comfy clothes (outfit: ) And we went for breakfast in little cafe down the street.


* That Night (After Justin's Concert) *


All through breakfast Ariana kept making lovey dovey faces at me and Justin and love heart gestures. Thank God Scooter didn't see. But he's gonna tell somethings up, because we're acting different. I can see it, so if I can surely he can too.


Not long after breakfast, Justin had to go and rehearse for his concert, so he promised we'd hang out after Scooter had gone to bed. So me and Ari spent the day together, since she was leaving in a couple of days.


"Right kids, get some sleep, we've got a long day tomorrow" Scooter said, well more ordered, before going back to the 'adult' bus to go to bed.


Once we seen he was back on his bus, Justin and I sneaked off and did the normal thing to do at 2:30am. We went for a walk by the lake, it was gorgeous! And we just sat there and talked.


"Can I ask you something?" Justin said, looking out at the water.


"You can ask" I smiled, thinking that was a terribly clever response. He turned to me.


"Why do you call Scooter 'Scooter'? I mean, why don't you call him 'dad'?"


"I don't know. I just felt like he wasn't actually my dad, like, he wasn't my father, at first, and its just kind of stuck." After a moment of silence, Justin took my hand and made me stand up and he started singing. We danced for while before walking back to the buses. We walked hand in hand, just as we got to the door Justin kissed me.


"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" I could feel my heart in my throat. Scooter stormed over to us and pulled Justin away from me, with impressive force. Justin sat up, after being floored. 


"DAD!! What are you doing!" I put my hands on his chest pushing him away from Justin, I'm sure if he got close enough he'd like to kill him. But he quickly softened and looked at me.


"What?" He asked, his eyes teared up slightly.


"Look, I know you don't like this but he makes me happy, and I REALLY like him. But I'm sorry for sneak-" I got out in one breath before I was interrupted by him pulling me into his embrace. "Erm..I'm kinda confused" I said, with my face squished against his chest.


"Before all that. What did you say?" He loosened his grip slightly, I looked up at him, knitting my eyebrows together in confusion. "You just called me 'dad'" He smiled.


"Yeah, well, I guess you just started to feel like a dad" I laughed slightly.


"You really like him, huh?" He looked down at me, after nodding in Justin's direction. I nodded. He sighed. "Alright then." I squealed in excitement and hugged him tighter.


"So, we cool bro?" Justin asked, holding out his hand. Dad smiled and took his hand and did one of those weird 'guy hugs'.



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