This Is How It Goes

My life was turned upside down, after my mothers sudden death, I was forced to meet and move in with my father. New place, new people, no Mother. Then add Justin Bieber...oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my dad is Scooter Braun.


4. Unexpected

*Your POV*


I was woken by loud and abrupt pounding through my ears. SERIOUSLY?! Couldn't this wait until a more reasonable hour? Its not like I have...crap! Its Thursday, I think. I ran out of bed, at an impressive speed, and headed towards the door. I opened it expecting to find Sarah, but was surprised to see a tall man who looked about fourty-ish? 


"Can I help you?" I asked, trying to not sound like I had just woken up.


"YN, right?" I nodded. "Excellent! I'm Daniel Spade, your mother's solicitor. I was wondering if I could come in and talk to you about your mum's will?" He said, with his amazing British accent. I smiled and let him in and he began to talk about my mom's will.


"So did your mum tell you anything about her will and what would happen in case she wasn't around?" He said taking pieces of paper out of his brief case.


"No, not really." I shook my head looking at him.


"Well that's perfectly understandable, its not exactly something you talk about over dinner." He chuckled lightly, before returning to his serious exterior. "As the only family member left, your mother has left all of her belongings to you."


*The Next Day*


Its been two weeks since my mom died, two weeks since I've been to school and one week since the funeral. I haven't seen Sarah since so I invited her over for a gurly night in. We were watching Moulin Rouge, love that movie!, with face masks on and she was painting my nails, I had already done hers. I've missed this. Being able to just hang out and not think about my mom.


"Come what may

Come what may

I will love you til my dying day." Sarah and I sung in unison, not very well I might add.


Then there was knocking at the door. I quickly sprung up and ran, on my heels, to the door trying not to smudge my nail polish. I pulled the door open to see a very familiar man, he looked about thirty. He looked absolutely horrified. Shit! I have green clay all over my face.


"Hi, erm, sorry. Face mask." I tried to smile, but cracked my mask.


"Hey, don't worry about it." He chuckled. I knew his face, but who?


"So what's up?" I asked, then it suddenly hit me. Scooter Braun.



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